February 26, 2021

Fujimorismo saves a congressman accused of improper touching

The bench of the Fujimorist party Fuerza Popular saved Monday from a possible impeachment to Congressman Moisés Mamani, who is investigated by the Prosecutor for a complaint of improper touching that was presented against him, last November, the crew member of a plane of a commercial airline .

The case is investigated as a common crime by the Prosecutor's Office since March, after the Congress lifted Mamani's immunity, but it had also been sent to the Legislative Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations with two qualification reports that sought to ensure that the parliamentarian was subject to a political trial.

However, the technical commission of the subcommission recommended that the allegations be declared inadmissible, considering that the imputed crime "would not constitute one carried out in the exercise of the function" and was not a "punishable political offense".

The subsequent voting of the qualification reports was tied, but the president of the working group, the Fujimorist César Segura, used his ruling vote in favor of Mamani, for which the complaints were archived.

Segura argued that you can not investigate a person in a double instance, alluding to the fact that the case is already being seen in the courts.

With the result of the vote, Mamani will no longer be subject to a process that could have led to his impeachment and even disqualification from the public function, and the case should be resolved by the Judiciary.

On November 14, 2018, the parliamentarian carried out an incident during the embarkation of a commercial flight of the airline Latam when, according to the complaint, he touched the butt of a Brazilian nationality crew member.

Mamani was taken off the plane in apparent drunkenness, but then denied that that had been the cause of his expulsion and said he suffered a "decompensation" for the diabetes he suffers.

Later, before the statements of several witnesses, he changed his version and admitted that he could "brush" the crew member.

For this reason, the Congress accepted to lift the immunity after a request from the Prosecutor's Office of the Lima province of Callao, which asked to investigate him for the alleged commission of the crime against sexual freedom, in the form of improper touching.

In addition, the plenary session of Parliament suspended him from his functions for 120 days, after considering that he had violated his code of ethics, reason why at the beginning of last May he rejoined the Chamber after fulfilling his sanction.

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