September 24, 2020

Fuenlabrada case | The Dpor denounces Tebas before the CSD for unfair administration and asks for a boost to his disqualification – La Provincia

When a month has passed since the Fuenlabrada to A Coruña and fifteen days from Depor asked the disqualification of Thebes by CSD, the A Coruña club sends a new letter signed by Fernando Vidal to the main institution of Spanish sport directed by Irene Lozano in which he accuses, among other things, the president of the employer’s association of “unfair administration”, asks for a “procedural impulse of the disciplinary file” towards his person and considers that he should be suspended in a “precautionary and provisional” manner.

Deportivo supports its reiteration in the petition on the lack of response from the CSD and on the fact that, in its opinion, they have committed new irregularities since the date of sending the first letter. The blue and white club mainly accuses Thebes of “unfair administration”. He assures that “at the end of last July, The league he proceeded to pay 15% of the television rights corresponding to 2020-21 “, which he sees as an” irregular performance and an abuse of authority “because the championship has not finished and it is not yet known which teams will play in each of According to his point of view, these “payments on account are contrary to the law” and demonstrate the main purpose of his complaint, since “such payments” were made in order to “obtain the greatest possible support” to obtain a refusal within the bosses to a League of 24, as proposed by the Federation on two occasions. He then requests that the CSD request “from the president of the League the criteria adopted by himself” for the payment and then request “the reimbursement” of the amounts advanced.

The club from A Coruña also puts the magnifying glass on him expert report “commissioned by Fuenlabrada and paid for by LaLiga” in his defense in the file opened by the RFEF in which the investigating judge has requested the administrative demotion of the Madrileños. For Dépor it is a clear case of “conflict of interest and incompatibility”. He believes that “money from different clubs has been used within the bosses to help a” specific team “in a cause in which there are several involved”. Fernando Vidal also highlights and requests that the CSD investigate the arrest, at the request of LaLiga, in record time of Álex Bergantiños, a police action censored by the court, by police unions and that has ended up leading to a complaint by the Coruñés to decide whether it can be considered an “illegal detention.”

In the other five points in which Dépor supports his request until reaching eight totals, it also highlights the decision of Thebes to exclude them “discretionary and arbitrarily” of the decision-making bodies of the employer (delegated commission and division boards), their partiality and favorable treatment towards the club in which their son works, their “undue and repeated inappropriate use of corporate resources”, the insults of the President of Fuenlabrada to members of the Federation who have involved a complaint against Praena, and even the alleged offensive publications of the Fuenlabrada doctor on social networks towards members of the Government of Pedro Sánchez, in this case the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa.


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