Fuels rise in the last week and diesel marks its annual maximum

Fuels have risen again in the last week, 0.15% gasoline, to 1,334 euros, and 0.48% diesel, which reached a new high this year when it cost 1,250 euros, and they maintain in the first case at levels of July 2015 and on the second of November 2014.

According to data from the Oil Bulletin of the European Union collected by Efe, gasoline has increased its price by 7.41% and diesel by 9.08%.

In addition, gasoline is now 10.16% more expensive than a year before and gas oil 12.92%.

However, the prices of gasoline and diesel are still below the historical highs recorded in September 2012, and gasoline is 12.35% cheaper than then and diesel costs 13.49% less.

In the last month, gasoline has risen by 0.38% and diesel by 1.63%.

With current prices, fill a 55-liter tank with gasoline costs 73.37 euros and 68.75 diesel.


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