March 6, 2021

Fuel prices fall for the third consecutive week

Fuel prices have fallen for the third consecutive week, 0.76% in the case of gasoline and 1.13% in the case of diesel, according to data from the Petroleum Bulletin of the European Union (EU) collected by Efe .

Gasoline is sold at an average of 1,307 euros per liter and diesel at 1,221 euros.

With these data, filling an average tank of 55 liters of gasoline costs 71.88 euros this week and diesel, 67.15 euros.

In the last month the price of gasoline has fallen by 0.98%, while that of diesel has fallen by 2.09%.

So far this year, gasoline has reduced its price by 0.98%%, while diesel is 2.09% cheaper.

With respect to the same week of the previous year, gasoline is 6.96% more expensive and diesel is 3.65%.

However, both fuels remain below the maximum levels they reached seven years ago, 14.13% less in the case of gasoline and 15.5% less in that of diesel.

Both fuels set their price record the week of September 3, 2012, when they stood at 1,522 and 1,445 euros, respectively.


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