Fuel consumption in April plummeted to lows since at least 1996




The decrease in consumption intensified in April of automotive fuels in Spain due to the Covid-19 crisis, 59.1% compared to the same month last year and 44.4% lower than in March this year, standing at 984,000 tons, the lowest consumption since data are available (January 1996), according to Cores.

Gasoline fell 77.8%, while automotive diesel fell 55%. In the accumulated index for the year, the consumption of automotive fuels decreased by 21%, with a greater drop in gasoline (26%) than in automotive diesel fuels (19.9%).

In April, the consumption of all product groups decreased: kerosenes for aviation have the highest drop again (92.9%), followed by gasoline (77.8%), diesel (36.2%), fuel oil (34.8%) and LPG (26.0%). In the accumulated index for the year, all product groups show year-on-year decreases: LPG (6.2%), gasoline (26%), kerosene (36.7%), diesel (9.2%) and fuel oil (34.4%). ), according to Cores.


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