Frontal rejection of doctors to Feijóo plan to face the health crisis | Society

Frontal rejection of doctors to Feijóo plan to face the health crisis | Society

After 21 meetings with a hundred professionals and almost 5,000 surveys to the citizenship, the main project of the Government of Alberto Núñez Feijóo (PP) to improve primary care and solve the health crisis that Galicia suffers has faced the frontal rejection of doctors. The five large Galician medical organizations have expressed their disappointment Monday with the proposed reform that has also received criticism from the nursing staff. The four scientific societies of family medicine and the council that groups the four Galician schools consider the plan of the Xunta a mere "declaration of intentions" of "diffuse" measures.

"They were not and are not necessary new drafts of fuzzy and confusing plans," say the representatives of the Galician doctors. "They were and are necessary clear decisions of organizational and budgetary character of the Consellería de Sanidade to recover a level of care, primary care, essential for the public health system and that is in a clear situation of crisis." The 25 heads of service of health centers in the Vigo area who resigned en bloc last December, a strong protest that ignited the fuse of a discontented larva during years of cuts, new mobilizations are already being considered in the face of disappointment over the measures announced by the Xunta.

The draft plan of the Galician Government contains 175 measures, although their leaders have not yet specified what budget would count its application, a fundamental data for doctors, who claim a minimum amount "armored." "The money has to come after defining the actions, then its cost will be seen ", defends the manager of Servizo Galego de Saúde (Sergas), Antonio Fernández Campa, after hearing the critical pronouncement of the doctors about his plan.

75 of these actions would be executed, according to Sanidade, immediately, 53 in the medium term and 47 in a longer period. Among those applicable in the next six months include the "creation of a primary care address in each health area" and the increase in the supply of places for family doctors, pediatricians, family nurses, physiotherapists and dentists in the Public Offering Employment of 2019. The Galician Government also promises a "specific and differentiated budget" for this level of care, improvements in the material and changes in the management of agendas and appointments to try to alleviate the overload of patients.

But for the Galician doctors the draft of the Xunta is "lacking in concreteness" and "includes only partially some of the proposals made by the different groups without giving an answer to the most important real problems". "We need time for our patients, a greater capacity of management in the organizational structures, human resources adapted to the population needs and forceful measures of use of the current resources ", claim in their joint statement the Galician Association of Family and Community Medicine (Agamfec), the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (Semergen Galicia), the Spanish Society of General and Family Doctors (SEMG), the Galician Association of Primary Care Pediatrics (AGAPap) and the Galician Conselho de Colexios Médicos.

However, the manager of the Sergas does not see in this joint statement of the medical organizations a resounding no to his plan and expects that these entities now present specific allegations. Fernandez Campa is convinced that the doctors will continue to participate in the design of the reform because, he maintains, 75 of the 175 measures of the plan are his requests. "In Galicia we have taken the lead together with the Basque Country to implement [en atención primaria] concrete measures for a problem that is national ", defends this regional responsible.

The proposal of the Xunta, which has been presented with the staff of health centers focusing daily for weeks for a "dignified" primary care, proposes to reduce the bureaucratic tasks that doctors now perform by transferring certain functions to the nursing staff, a measure to which the union Satse has already been contrary. The plant has warned that these health workers will not assume "outside powers" because they are so overburdened as physicians.

Its general secretary in Galicia, Carmen García Rivas, has criticized, for example, that it is intended to decongest medical consultations by entrusting nurses with the filter of emergencies in outpatient clinics. "The problem is that nursing is also overloaded and in addition to performing [la asistencia en] the domiciles, the programmed consultation, the query to demand of its population and to register everything in the clinical history, now must expose itself to tell the users that his is not urgent so that the doctor sees it, censures the spokeswoman of Satse.


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