“Frontal rejection” from Nueva Canarias to the port of Fonsalía

Infographic of the Port of Fonsalía.

Infographic of the Port of Fonsalía.

Nueva Canarias (NC) Tenerife expresses its “frontal rejection” of the construction of the port of Fonsalía and proposes as an alternative the combined use of those already existing in Los Cristianos and Granadilla.

NC Tenerife considers that the “mega infrastructure” projected in the municipality of Guía de Isora “is not justified” from the point of view of providing the public service of maritime transport and will cause “irreparable environmental damage”.

Understand that there are other alternatives to solve the saturation of Los Cristianos and defends that a committee of experts prepare a study on maritime transport in this area of ​​the archipelago and address the feasibility of combining existing ports to meet the need for fast and safe mobility.

“Our training firmly and sincerely defends a sustainable development model for Tenerife and the Canary Islands, in which unnecessary, ineffective and unsustainable projects such as that of Fonsalía have no place”, says the territorial coordinator of Nueva Canarias in Tenerife, Valentín Correa.

In this direction, the Tenerife organization of Nueva Canarias will ask the National Executive to adopt an agreement to make explicit the party’s opposition to the project and the promotion of institutional initiatives in Parliament, councils and city councils to witness such rejection in all the islands.

Nueva Canarias en Tenerife reiterates, in any case, its “commitment to the economic and social development of the island, from the principles of environmental sustainability, defense of public services -including mobility between the islands-, solidarity, social justice and equality “.

Valentín Correa points out that this opposition to the port of Fonsalía is “the majority” among Tenerife and Canary Islands society.


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