from “This is Anfield” to Welcome to the Metropolitan

Klopp complained about the referee's performance in the Atlético-Liverpool first round of Champions

Jurgen Klopp launched a threat: "We will tell you:‘ Welcome to Anfield. " The German coach trusts that the mysticism and the power of his field play an important role in the tie, as they did in the Metropolitan last night. "Today we have seen what a stadium can do," insisted the German, who admitted that when you live an encounter like this, with that environment, it is possible that some of the visiting players, yours in this case, say goodbye. "We are going to play the second part against ours and hope it is different," Klopp continued. The coach of the white denture lost his eternal smile. His speech was on the one hand and his gestures on the other. Optimistic the first and serious the second. «I am not disappointed, I have seen worse matches in my life. I didn't expect to have 70 percent possession, but it's normal: you get 1-0, you're not at your best and defend it. Seem right. But we have not lost 5-0. We will try with all our strength, ”he acknowledged before complaining, as if not, but yes, of the referee: «I was afraid that Mané saw a second yellow for a blow to an opponent. The referee also has to deal with this environment. I think I could have done better. The public pushed their own well, ”he insisted.

Again the stage to scene. Well, the stadium and what goes beyond. «We started to win the game when we turned the roundabout and saw the atmosphere. It was impressive, the best since I am here. These are nights that are not forgotten. We have not passed, there is the return, but we won the best in Europe, which had been losing a lot, ”Simeone took out.


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