From the street to the auction: Sotheby's sells skateboards at a million euros | Culture

From the street to the auction: Sotheby's sells skateboards at a million euros | Culture

Is the flip most famous in the world of art and skaters: Sotheby's brings out to auction 248 skateboards from the Supreme brand, with a total starting price of 697,492 euros (800,000 dollars), but they expect to collect more than one million euros for the lot. It is an unusual pirouette in the contemporary art market, because for the first time it appears in an auction house a lot of these characteristics, defined as "a historical archive that mixes street fashion, luxury, art and culture of skate" The sale has just been launched online, until next January 25.

The tables belong to the personal collection of Ryan Fuller, from Los Angeles, who since 2005 has dedicated himself to acquire the tables designed by Richard Prince, Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, Dan Colen and George Condo. Although the emblematic piece of the lot is 2000, when Louis Vuitton threatened to sue Supreme for infringement of copyright. Before they had transported the logos of Burberry and Gucci to the guts of the skateboard. Seventeen years later, Louis Vuitton and Supreme signed peace with the joint creation of a table, one of the most coveted products. By then, the company, created in 1994 by James Jebbia, had achieved a valuation of 870 million euros (according to the Carlyle Group). Now, Supreme is recognized above all for its fashion design, rather than its skateboards.

Fuller began collecting Supreme in 2005 (with pieces dating back to 1998) and it took him two years to find two pieces that were missing to complete the collection. Once he succeeded, he exhibited the pieces hanging on the wall of the gallery Jason Vass (Los Angeles), which also included 1,306 accessories of the brand (including a machine of pinball). Now, he puts it on sale and among the designs a version of The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci or three tables inspired by Monkey Train, of Koons. "Most of the boards are in good condition, with a small occasional wear, discrete losses on the surface or some point," says the auction house. When the sale closes, a testimony and a testament of the influence and the crossing of urban fashion brands with the art world will be signed.


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