From the great hits of Queen to the movie 'Coco', the best-selling of 2018 at | Culture

From the great hits of Queen to the movie 'Coco', the best-selling of 2018 at | Culture

Frame of 'Coco'.

On the verge of closing the year, Amazon reviews the most successful books, albums, films and videogames in 2018. According to the list of best seller of the website of the Seattle firm, the best-selling physical book of 2018 is The souls of Brandon, by César Brandon Ndjocu. The Guinean social educator, winner of the latest edition of Got Talent Spain, is the author of the most sold literature and fiction work, a compilation of short stories, stories and poems about love, loneliness, forgetfulness, pain, joy, happiness, life and death with which has conquered readers this year. The most read novel in 2017, Homeland, narrates the end of the terrorist group ETA through two Basque families; the work of Fernando Aramburu remains on the podium this year and occupies the second position. Third in the ranking of Amazon is María Dueñas, with the title The daughters of the Captain, a book that takes the reader to the Spanish colony of New York in the mid-twentieth century.

The life of Freddie Mercury taken to the cinema has encouraged the followers of Queen to revisit their best hits. This year, the compilation The Platinum Collection of the British band is the best selling album of The rest of the artists that occupy the top 10 are Spanish. Pablo López, with the album Road, fire and freedom, stays with the second place; and Pablo Alborán, with his work I promise, the third. The singer from Malaga and El Barrio are the only ones who remain in the ranking with respect to 2017. Rosalía, Rozalén, Vanesa Martin, Manolo García, Izal and the OT boys stand out as news on the 2018 list.

The child Coconut, inspired by the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead, is the best-selling movie. One more year, the superheroes and the saga Star Wars are the best seller. In this category, which combines cinema and television series, there is only one Spanish production in the top 10, the film Champions, directed by Javier Fresser and starring Javier Gutiérrez. The only series is Twin Peaks, which was also the most sold in 2017.

Once again, football is once again the king of gaming: FIFA 19 It is the best selling videogame. The most relevant releases of the year, Red Dead Redemption 2 Y Marvel's Spider-Man, are placed on the podium in second and third positions, respectively, followed by God of War. Classics like Mario Bross, The Legend of Zelda or Grand Theft Auto they remain the favorites of the shop's customers on-line.


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