From the goal to the presidency? What Casillas needs to be president of the Federation

After meeting last week with Irene Lozano, the new Secretary of State for Sport, Iker Casillas seems to have gathered enough support to feel confident to face Luis Rubiales, who currently holds the position of the RFEF presidency. position. «Yes, I will present myself to the Presidency of the RFEF when the elections are called. Together we are going to put our Federation at the height of the best football in the world: that of Spain ”, the former captain of the National Team announced his already planned candidacy.

The goal of Oporto, a club to which it remains attached, has been without returning to active football since suffering a heart attack during a training session on May 1, 2019. Even if This candidacy promises to assume his goodbye to the pitch, he refuses to announce it.

Now the main uncertainty is when these elections will take place and if the Higher Sports Council will accept Rubiales’ request to anticipate them in the first half of this year, in order to meet the deadlines to qualify for the 2030 World Cup. But in addition, this anticipation would subtract options and time for Iker Casillas to gather new support and form a team of guarantees. Rubiales also asks to include five new born assemblymen, (Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Athletic and two representatives of beach soccer) exempt from going to the polls, which could win 5 more votes in their favor. Interestingly, aspirant and President collaborated in 2010 in AFE (players union).

Even so, the current Rubiales assembly would have the support of the natural assembly members (Territorial Federations), except Madrid, Castilla La Mancha and Castilla León, who could turn their backs on him. At the same time, the recent tension between the AFE and the RFEF for the signing of the collective agreement of women’s football could decant the vote of soccer players and professional bodies towards Iker Casillas, who will use his extensive experience and professional success as the main weapon. Likewise, LaLiga clubs, chaired by Javier Thebes, whose conflicts with Rubiales are constant, would be added to the “ship” of the goalkeeper. However, the elected assembly members who belong to amateur football, who are the majority, could opt to be loyal to Rubiales by imitating the vote of their territorials, which makes Iker’s victory very difficult. The 140 elected assembly members will leave 50 days before the electoral process.

In the next few days the 38-year-old footballer will finish defining his team for the candidacy, in which he could be Fernando Hierro, whom Rubiales appointed coach replacing Julen Lopetegui just a few days before the last World Cup began.

Especially the Spanish goalkeepers have turned to the announcement of their partner in social networks. Miguel Ángel Moyá, current Assemblyman and goal of the Real Sociedad, and Adrián San Miguel, who plays for Liverpool, wished him luck through Instagram. Other personalities of our sport such as Fernando Alonso or skater Javier Fernández also showed his support.


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