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From the B to the Libertadores | sports

From the B to the Libertadores | sports

Tano Pasman, that River fan who became famous when his team descended to the second division in Argentina in 2011, goes to the cardiologist when the Millionaires play a big game. For example, when the departure of Libertadores was played, he passed review as one more player, but he, from the heart; be supposed to the second leg in Madrid, Pasman will see it directly in the Emergency Room. The most accurate, concise and viral phrase about that match was: "We are in B", repeated tirelessly by Pasman when the descent was a fact. Because River had never been in B, and the impact of its descent is the same as it would be in Spain if Barcelona, ​​Athletic Bilbao or Real Madrid were down, clubs that did not know B or to found it. River finally fell between the rattles of its fans and particularly of the Tano Pasman, recorded by his family with a hidden camera and exhibited on the Internet.

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Then, years after the Boca Juniors fans rubbed the backs of the eternal rival the descent they never experienced and made Boca, according to them, the biggest Argentine club ever, the newspaper Clarion he threw a bomb: Boca was also in B. How could a country-a country like Argentina-not have heard about something like that? But that was not all: Boca played three years in the B, and promoted extradeportivamente ... with the help of River. This was known in July 2017. Many fans of Boca could apply those verses of Jaime Gil de Biedma: "It was a happy summer / The last summer of our youth."

The information was published by Abel Escudero Zadrayec, and it defended that, after bureaucratic ups and downs and other circumstances arising from the emergence of football as a federated sport, Boca Juniors played in B. He did it in 1912, was third in the standings and, without However, thanks to a maneuver in the offices supported unanimously, also by River Plate, it would have gone up to A.

The news, supported by documents, reached all corners, also to Spain. It did not do however the wonderful and forceful response of a powerful Argentine character: Juan Farenga Jr, son of one of the founders of Boca Juniors and club historian. Marina Zucchi interviewed him in Clarion: "Boca plays in First without having suffered a decline. My interpretation is that the word 'promotion' is misused. I would use 'process'. It began playing in the port, then in a league, then in First. The normal process of that amateur football was going from one place to another. There was not a match that promoted Boca. " "It's a utopia of a man who is suffering because River went to the B," he said. Infobae. The Boca Juniors History Subcommittee was also activated, in charge of watching over Boca's past: its version was in keeping with Farenga's. There was no climb where there was no descent, the First was simply extended and more clubs entered.

That the party that is going to see Sunday in Madrid surpasses everything proves it (besides that it is celebrated in Madrid) the historical struggle of both clubs for being the biggest of its country. They continue playing games in the past. In the report of the Boca Subcommittee, in fact, the defense is used xeneize to attack River: if Boca played in the B, the Millionaires did it in the C. And it ascended to the B in the dispatches. They also removed documentary artillery. Disputes that to the eyes of the dispassionate of both clubs sound to children, were cause for suffocation and countless polemics ... a year ago.

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