from Sánchez’s “Spain is better” to Casado’s “Broken Spain”

Black or white. Political polarization and the enormous ideological, but also analytical gap, between the Government and the opposition, persists in the Congress of Deputies in the last months of the pandemic, despite good vaccination data and economic prospects. The harsh and lacking tone of PP and Vox, which, about to complete two years of the legislature, continue to consider the Executive as “illegitimate”, contrasted this Wednesday, once again, with the optimism of the partners of the Government, PSOE and United We Can.

Odón Elorza: "I will vote the candidates for the Constitutional Constitution with responsibility and based on my principles"

Odón Elorza: “I will vote the candidates for the Constitutional Court with responsibility and based on my principles”

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For the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, “Spain is doing better”, but using exactly the same pandemic and economic figures that the top socialist leader presumes, for the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, “Spain is bankrupt” and on the brink of a “constitutional dictatorship”, and for the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, the country is experiencing “a catastrophe.”

According to Sánchez, “Spain has a decisive role in the European Union.” For Casado, the country is “irrelevant” at the international level exclusively because of the Prime Minister, who works from “arrogance”, “lies” and “incompetence”. All this in a debate promoted by the appearance of the chief executive to report on the last European summit at the end of October, a meeting that did not interest the PP, since it was not even mentioned once by the opposition leader in his speech in the hemicycle.

Casado preferred to speak of Sánchez’s “cynicism”, whom he accused of placing Spain “on the verge” of bankruptcy and of “impoverishing” the Spanish. just a few minutes after the Prime Minister assured that “Spain is better and next year it will be even better.”

Vox winks to emptied Spain

The leader of the PP even resorted to a low blow: the controversial information about the personal life of the former minister and former secretary of Organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, published by a media outlet. “What a bad time to talk about the abolition of prostitution,” ironically Casado, alluding to the promise verbalized by Sánchez last month, at the 40th Federal Congress of the Socialists.

Abascal, for his part, wished to wink at the emptied Spain coinciding with the publication of a survey of Vozpopuli which indicates that a party with the same name could forcefully break into Congress in the event of new elections. “You do not step on the towns,” the Vox leader snapped at both the socialist deputies and the popular.

Who did stick to the script was the spokesman for United We Can, Pablo Echenique, who, amid a loud murmur of deputies who were holding their own conversations while the representative of the confederal group intervened, only spoke about the European summit and the European Union. Only one license was allowed to charge against the “medieval laws” that in his opinion still survive in Spain, due to the “censorship protection” that in his opinion implies the “impunity” of the head of State, and that make the country blush between its European partners.

On the other hand, Sánchez’s vision was more than positive. “Spain is moving towards a robust recovery. Not only in the face of robust and solid recovery but also towards a much fairer recovery than the one we registered after the financial crisis,” he said from the lectern.

Sánchez: “The truth is the truth”

In allusion to the Executive of Mariano Rajoy, Sánchez settled: “With another government, Spain suffered the rescue of its financial sector by community institutions. As much as they try to hide it, the truth is the truth. And the truth is that today, to Unlike then, Spain has been in the genesis of European funds and together with Italy leads its reception “.

However, throughout the plenary session, the controversial renewal of the constitutional bodies was hovered over the growing malaise in the ranks of the left at the foreseeable appointment of Enrique Arnaldo, one of the candidates proposed by the PP for the Constitutional Court, but accepted by the PSOE and United We Can. Amid internal criticism, Congress will vote tomorrow for his election, like that of the rest of the members of the TC, the Court of Accounts and the Ombudsman. It will be a secret ballot.


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