From PP and PSOE they offered me help for throwing shit at Rajoy and Feijóo

The drug trafficker Marcial Dorado has stated that PP and PSOE ministers even sent third parties to his home and to the prison to offer him prison benefits if he threw “shit” on Mariano Rajoy and Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

In an interview on the program “Lo de Évole”, broadcast tonight by La Sexta, Dorado has stated that the photos from 1995 together with the current president of the Xunta published in 2013 by the newspaper El País “did not harm that man, I they hurt me. “

“We had to wait for Mr. Dorado to be convicted of drug trafficking,” he said of the images, which he has said were found at his home in a register by the Tax Agency.

Today’s President of the Xunta has stated that they met through a driver of the Xunta, Manuel Cruz, who died in a traffic accident in 1999, and to the question of whether the politician knew he was a smuggler, he said: “Very I sure didn’t know. “

“When he met me, he was not a drug trafficker,” he said, and stated that they coincided in Picos de Europa, Portugal and Ibiza. About this last destination, he was asked by Évole about whether Feijóo liked the night, if they had gone to discos, and Dorado replied that he did not.

Dorado has indicated that he did not like what Feijóo said at the time that there was no close or wide friendship between the two, to which he replied that he met three of his girlfriends and came to sleep under his roof.

Marcial Dorado, who has been in prison for 13 years and has passed through 22 prisons, was convicted of drug trafficking, money laundering and bribery of Civil Guard agents. His sentence ends in 2025.

The broadcast of the season finale of ‘Lo de Évole’ was scheduled for March, but was delayed by the coronavirus crisis.

The figure of Dorado entered the political debate in 2013, when the photos with Feijóo were published by the newspaper El País and he was in prison after a conviction for money laundering from drug trafficking.

Dorado was also sentenced to 10 years in prison for trying to introduce almost eight tons of cocaine into Spain on the South Sea ship, approached by the Police in Atlantic waters on October 10, 2003.


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