June 13, 2021

From Pastora Soler to Izhar Cohen: The 12 ‘Mask Singer’ masks that also participated in Eurovision

Some of the Eurovision artists who have participated in 'Mask Singer'.

Some of the Eurovision artists who have participated in ‘Mask Singer’.

The potential of Eurovision Song Contest Within the global television industry it is so important that it is also present in other important television formats such as ‘Mask Singer’. Many artists and communicators who have been linked to the European contest have also become participants, researchers and even presenters of some of the franchises of the successful Fremantle program. At the beginning of the Eurovision week and coinciding with its return to Antena 3, We review the 12 masks of ‘Mask Singer’ that have also gone through Eurovision.

Pastora Soler stayed with us with her performances as Pavo Real

Eight years after passing through Eurovision 2012 with ‘Stay with me’, Pastora Soler surprised in ‘Mask Singer: Guess who sings’ hiding under the mask of Pavo Real. The Andalusian artist was only one step away from the grand finale after singing for Rosalia, Dua Lipa or Tina Turner, leading the researchers to mistake her for Ruth Lorenzo, another face well known to Eurofans.

Al Bano and his two appearances in ‘Mask Singer’

Al Bano is one of the few contestants who can say that he has participated in two different adaptations of ‘Mask Singer’. The representative of Italy in 1976 together with Romina Power was the runner-up in the first Italian edition as Leone (León) and became one of the semifinalists of the Spanish as Girasol.

Krista Siegfrid, from getting married in Eurovision 2013 to being ‘Magic hat’ in the Finnish edition

Another of the Eurovision divas who participated in ‘Masked Singer’ was Krista Siegfrid. The Finnish representative at the Malmö 2013 edition also fell short of the finals in the Finnish edition of the Fremantle format after performing versions of greatest hits by Édith Piaf or Sia as Taikahattu (Magic Shadow).

Natasha St-Pier, the ‘cupcake’ who got the best place in France in Eurovision since 1995

The first edition of the French version of ‘Mask Singer’ featured a well-known Eurovision face. Natasha Saint-Pier was also part of the format as Cupcake, after achieving fourth place at Eurovision 2001 with ‘Je n’ai que mon âme’, France’s best result since 1995 (in the absence of what happens in this edition of 2021 with Barbara pravi).

Sandra Kim, the Eurovision winner who also won on ‘The Masked Singer’ Belgium

Historic winners of the Eurovision Song Contest have also gone through ‘Mask Singer’. This is the case of Sandra Kim, winner of the 1986 Bergen festival with ‘J’aime la vie’, which also won the victory on ‘The Masked Singer’ Belgium after performing songs like Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ under the Koningin (Queen) mask.

Izhar Cohen: to beat the Israeli version of ‘Mask Singer’ in Eurovision with ‘A-Ba-Ni-Bi’

Another mythical Eurovision winner who also went through ‘Mask Singer’ was Izhar Cohen. The winner of the musical contest in 1978 with ‘A-Ba-Ni-Bi’ was one of the best known faces of the first Israeli edition of the format, disguising himself under the mask of Toro.

Nadine Beiler, the ‘Yeti’ who won ‘The Masked Singer Austria’ after going through Eurovision 2011

Austria can also say that one of their representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest won their ‘The Masked Singer’ franchise. Nine years after achieving the 18th position in Eurovision 2011 with ‘The secret is love’, Nadine Beiler won the first Austrian edition under the Yeti mask, performing songs like ‘Rise like a Phoenix’ by Conchita Wurst.

Ulrikke, the ‘Troll’ who won the Norwegian version of ‘Mask Singer’ after the cancellation of Eurovision 2020

The cancellation of Eurovision 2020 opened an important window for Ulrikke. After winning the NRK Melodi Grand Prix with ‘Attention’, the artist won the victory in the first edition of ‘Maskorama‘, the Norwegian edition of’ Mask Singer ‘, as Trollet (The Troll), mask with which he sang songs like’ Euphoria ‘or’ Fångad Av En Stormvind ‘, two winning bets from Sweden in the European competition.

Poli Genova, the ‘eye’ of ‘Mask Singer’ Bulgaria

Poli Genova has also been one of the Eurovision artists who have accepted the challenge of participating in ‘Mask Singer’. After representing Bulgaria in 2011 and 2016 and presenting the junior edition of the musical contest, the interpreter of ‘If love was a crime’ only stayed a week in the format being Eyes.

Kate Miller-Heidke, on the verge of victory as the Queen of ‘The Masked Singer’ Australia

After getting the ninth position in Eurovision 2019, Kate Miller-Heidke also tried her luck on the second edition of ‘The Masked Singer’ Australia. The ‘Zero Gravity’ singer was left on the brink of victory in the format after hiding behind the mask of ‘Queen’, settling for second place.

Isaiah Firebrace, the magician and partner of Kate Miller-Heidke in the second season of the Australian version

The second season of ‘The Masked Singer’ Australia not only had a representative of the oceanic country in Eurovision, but two. Isaiah Firebrace (Kiev 2017) was also part of the casting of the mask format, although he was eliminated in the sixth week of competition after giving life to Wizard (Wizard).

Dami Im, from winning the professional jury vote at Eurovision 2016 to the original version of ‘Mask Singer’ in South Korea

The Eurovision Song Contest and ‘Mask Singer’ are two experiences that Dami Im has also lived. The representative of Australia and winner of the jury vote in the Stockholm 2016 edition was Statue of Liberty in ‘King of masked singer’, the original version of the Fremantle format.


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