January 21, 2021

From mud to printed glory

From mud to printed glory

The most beautiful book of 2018 on an international scale is Dutch and is titled Spul (things, in Dutch). It is a catalog of 15,000 objects chosen from about 700,000 found by archaeologists during the construction of the new metro line, North-South, Amsterdam, in operation since July 2018. Chosen this Friday from 600 candidates from 34 countries by the Stiftung Buchkunts library foundation in Leipzig (Germany), the jury highlighted the most striking aspect of the work: the exhibition of the pieces excavated in the bed of the Amstel River, which do not appear in chronological order but thematic. There are, among others, rudimentary tiles along with fine tiles of the seventeenth century; ceramic marbles with other glass; daggers and worm-eaten swords; nineteenth-century telephone headphones and cell phone cases of the XXI.

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