From Melbourne with Nadal to the final of the Champions in the field of Atleti | sports

From Melbourne with Nadal to the final of the Champions in the field of Atleti | sports

Between September and October the World Athletics Championships will be held in the inhospitable territory of Doha, Qatar, and everyone will marvel at a stadium where large air conditioning ducts will cool the track, the grass and the athletes who sweat. The future has already arrived, science fiction, may be headline in the newspapers, with optimism and joy.

However, the real jump to the future of Spanish sport, a true act of affirmation of the athletes, subjects already active, will take place much earlier, in the second half of January that already arrives and in Tenerife. Its celebration does not appear in any sports calendar. It will not provide spectacular photos of fight, contact or sweat, but its result will be one of those things that will allow to affirm that so emphatically there was a before and after. This is the trial of Miguel Angel Millán, an athletic trainer accused of sexual harassment two years ago by two young athletes 25 years after he left the town of Alhama de Murcia leaving a trail of pain that still disturbs a good group of athletes that they could not denounce, including the Olympic runner-up Antonio Peñalver. The trial will allow, at least, review the history, finally give voice to the athletes speechless, stir the consciences to avoid that happen again similar events and, if they happen, they are not hidden for decades.

Spanish sport will also begin, in 2019, to take the next step in the fight against the inequality of women in sport, which goes from simply promoting the visibility of women's sport to a law that should be approved in six months and that will begin to guarantee equality. On the courts and in the pools will continue to remember the strength of women cracks like the Olympic champion Carolina Marín, who will seek her fourth world badminton title in August, in Basel (Switzerland), or Mireia Belmonte, who will return full of ambitions in the World swimming, in South Korea, in July, where he expects his third global gold in 200m butterfly.

The rest of what happens sportingly in the 19 has the owner of always always renewed: Are our figures up to the feats we want to demand and for which they themselves live? Will the old people have the longevity we want them to be?


The sixth of Márquez

With a more mature Marc Márquez and more and more aware of his technical skills at the Honda's handlebars, the MotoGP World Championship of 2019, the one that Spanish has won five times in the last six years, is presented with a single favorite. The champion Márquez is the favorite. Do not fear anything or anyone. That's why he always accepted in a good way that Honda signed Jorge Lorenzo, the only driver who knows he can beat him on the track, for his finesse and stubbornness. The Spaniard achieved the last year winning and being competitive with the Ducati. 2019 will be a new challenge, more affordable after having verified that there are no impossible.


A final in Madrid

The ball moves through the cornice of Madrid. There is much expectation to know how they resolve their troubles Atletico and Madrid and the final of the Champions will be played on June 1 in the Metropolitan Wanda. We do not really know what Florentino Pérez's plans are after Cristiano and Zidane's departure beyond his desire to beautify the Bernabéu. The paralysis of one of the richest clubs in the world, personified in Isco and Asensio, is surprising at a time when the players are in charge and, therefore, they wait to see what Mbappé, Neymar, Kane, Hazard or De Jong do. There is no more certainty at the moment than the ones already known by Messi and Cristiano. The Portuguese has enlarged the competitiveness of Juve and the Argentine maintains the flight of Barça. Madrid observes how the game evolves in Europe, expectant with the strength of teams like Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund, and in LaLiga, one more season led by Barça. Accustomed to dominate the domestic tournaments, the Catalans care about the European Cup, the competition par excellence of Madrid and the eternal dream of Atlético. Despite the mattress of Cholismo, the rojiblancos are pressed by the need to win after altering the salary scale with the renovation of Griezmann. Players have become the merchants of the football industry, increasingly away from the fan and close to the viewer, now awaiting a revolutionary device called VAR.


The young people who arrive

The year that ended was that of the hope of Spanish athletics, which saw a very young generation lead by women like María Pérez, Ana Peleteiro and María Vicente, and by kids like Óscar Husillos, Saúl Ordóñez, Orlando Ortega and Bruno Hortelano. Between Glasgow, where the European indoor track is held in March, and September, with the Doha World Cup, the coming generation will have to stand up to the best in the world. Among these, there is curiosity to see if Wayde van Niekerk has recovered from his very serious injury, if Christian Coleman and Noah Lyles continue to oppose the role of Usain Bolt again, and if phenomena such as Abderramán Samba, in 400m hurdles, and Juan Miguel Echevarría, in length, they demolish the historical barriers of their tests, which are believed impossible.


Marc & Mas

Alejandro Valverde wins the last World Cycling Championship.
Alejandro Valverde wins the last World Cycling Championship. afp

The fans want an old man to remain young and two young men to do old things. They want Alejandro Valverde to win the Tour of Flanders at almost the age of 39, Marc Soler to be Indurain on the Tour and Enric Mas to discover the Tour almost as did Contador, winner of his second visit to the big boucle. The urgencies will demand Landa to win in consistency if he wants to stay on the altar.


Final four, in Vitoria

Datome and Randolph, at Fenerbahçe-Madrid last week.
Datome and Randolph, at Fenerbahçe-Madrid last week. Getty

The Basketball World Cup reaches a new dimension in China, where 32 national teams appear for the first time. Among them will not be the European champion, Slovenia, which could not compete with its stars, Luka Doncic and Goran Dragic in the standings. The Euroleague will culminate in Vitoria, where a final four will be played in which Real Madrid aspires to repeat the title they reached in the 2018 final against Fenerbahçe, and in which they aspire to also be Barcelona, ​​absent since 2014 , or the Baskonia, who plays at home. In the NBA, Golden State Warriors aspire to their third consecutive title, while LeBron James, now with the Lakers, will try to reach his ninth final in nine years, a unique record.


A big one for Tiger and Rahm

Rahm celebrates his victory against Tiger in the Ryder Cup. Rn
Rahm celebrates his victory against Tiger in the Ryder Cup.

If 2018 saw the sporting resurrection of Tiger Woods, who is now 43 years old, his first victory in five courses, 2019 is the year in which, once his game is recovered, he will have to answer the great question of world golf. Can Tiger win a big one again? The physicist seems to answer him, and because of hunger he will not be left, determined to extend a historic account frozen in 14 majors since 2008, four of Jack Nicklaus' record. So willing to everything is Tiger as Jon Rahm, the explosive golfer of Barrika, who at 24 years old believes that his time has come after two campaigns of growth and learning. The Basque, so knowledgeable of the idols he wants to reach, of Tiger, of Seve, is no longer satisfied with the minor pieces. The big four will be played in four consecutive months, from April to July.[/TEX][LAD-DOBLE]


Year I without Alonso

Fernando Alonso, in his farewell to Formula 1.
Fernando Alonso, in his farewell to Formula 1. REUTERS

The Formula 1 World Championship will be the first of the last 16 years without Fernando Alonso, who will embark on a new multidisciplinary course, stubborn as the Spaniard is in packing the Triple Crown as winner in Monaco, Indianapolis and Le Mans. Carlos Sainz will inherit the McLaren that caused so many martyrs to Alonso. The focus of attention should be redistributed by Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, winners of the last 118 grand prizes. Kimi Raikkonen was the last driver to win a race without driving one of those three cars (it was in Australia 2013, with a Lotus), and precisely the Finn, 39, has starred this winter one of the most famous sticker changes leave to the Ferrari branch team, Sauber. His driver at Ferrari will be caught by Charles Leclerc, who at 21 years old is called to embarrass Sebastian Vettel himself, his boss

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