March 2, 2021

From Marie Antoinette to the world of surfing, the inspiration of designers for Moda y Amigos

From María Antonieta to the world of surfing, the inspiration of the Gran Canaria designers takes the Fashion and Friends catwalk

From María Antonieta to the world of surfing, the inspiration of the Gran Canaria designers takes the Moda y Amigos catwalk

The inspiration of the firms of Gran Canaria yesterday took Moda y Amigos with proposals as diverse as the world of surfing presented by Shitty Art or the haute couture collection of Paula Delgado, inspired by the French elegance of the reign of Marie Antoinette, which closed the first day in Infecar, where the Cabildo brought together more than 60 creators of fashion, decoration, jewelry and health.

The president of the Cabildo, Antonio Morales, toured the proposals on this first day and wanted to invite all citizens to come this weekend to the fairgrounds so that they can see first-hand “the extraordinary talent and tenacious entrepreneurship that of the island and that now more than ever they deserve support to overcome a difficult year ”.

Thus, the visitor can meet Iballa Ruano, one of the Ruano sisters, 28 times windsurfing world champions, who presents her brand MorenoTwins, a collection of t-shirts, caps and bags made with recycled cotton and inspired, of course, by the sea ​​and nature. Or buy a vegan Christmas basket, the one that two Gran Canaria members launched a month ago under the Happy Vegan Box brand, and which contains all the delicacies typical of the time, from nougat to polvorones or mantecados, but made without products of Animal origin.

A French couple living in Tenerife has transferred their collection of perfumes to Gran Canaria Moda y Amigos, in which, combining tradition and chemical innovation, they manage to capture aromas such as gardenias that they themselves grow and that delight those who come near for your area. Illustrations, jewelry, or paintings worked with resin like those of Mercedes Ley, the options are innumerable and surprising at every step.

The parades, do not miss

Paula Delgado put on the catwalk delicate and very feminine garments with an avant-garde touch that use embroidery, tulle or satin with romantic prints to wear in a ceremony, and as a contrast, the public could also enjoy firms such as Muchiachio, a clothing brand urban and artisan anchored in the philosophy of life of the canaries, who was in charge of opening the catwalk and Shitty Art, inspired by the world of surfing and the nature and fauna that surrounds it, whose collection is made with 100% cotton. one hundred recycled and limited editions of 30 units maximum.

He also enjoyed Chacho and Chacha, who presented their collection of sportswear and swimwear inspired by the north of Gran Canaria and its yellows, the sun and bananas, along with the blue of the sky and the sea.

For his part, Covadonga presented a very timeless women’s collection, made of light and vaporous fabrics, while Ponte Tacones, with its Quiérete collection, invited people to break the rules and face the catwalk of life clinging to a motto: ‘The simple goes with everything’.

The catwalk will return today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday with the Lleó, Rachelita Design, Geaniva, Ekamai or Amor Bijoux shows at 5, 6 and 8 pm.

Between parade and parade, the public walked among the proposals of the trendsetters to acquire the products that most attracted them since this event is fun and support for emerging talent and innovation, which is materialized both in promotion and in business opportunity.

The facilities also include a picnic area with a food truck, ‘Chef on the road’, dining room and relaxation area, all with capacity control and hydrogel, so that the experience is also fun and safe.


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