from Luis Enrique to Figo

from Luis Enrique to Figo

Luis Enrique He became the public enemy of Real Madrid when he decided to change the real Madrid for him Barcelona. Two seasons earlier, Michael Laudrup had followed the same path but in a different direction, receiving a hostile reception at the Camp Nou. However, the most hostile reception that he remembers is the one he experienced Luis Figo in the Barcelona fiefdom. Twenty-three years later, Barcelona and Real Madrid will meet again this Sunday at 9:00 p.m. at the Camp Nou. On the pitch will be Marcos Alonso, the last player to have worn the jersey of both teams.

Mark Alonso

In the case of Mark Alonsothe side of 32 years He was born in Madrid and began training at Atlético, where his father had played. Later he ended up at Real Madrid, a club where Marquitos, his grandfather, had played. He did it because his sports city was closer to his home, making his debut with the first team of the white team at the hands of Manuel Pellegrini on April 4, 2010 against Santander Racing.

Marcos Alonso would be transferred by Real Madrid to Bolton the following season, and after also passing through the Fiorentinahe sunderlands and the Chelseaended up in Barcelona last summer.

Luis Enrique

However, the Marcos Alonso thing didn't hurt Real Madrid as much as the Luis Enrique. It could be said that it all started with him. After five seasons at Real Madrid, with the club plunged into a sporting crisis (he was sixth in the 1995-1996 season, leaving him out of European competitions), the Asturian opted not to renew his contract to start a new adventure at Barcelona, ​​where he would remain. eight campaigns until his retirement.

michael laudrup

Luis Enrique was not stopped by having twice seen the hostility with which he was received michael laudrup at the Camp Nou. With four foreigners on his squad, and given the rumors that he was at Real Madrid, Cruyff opted for koeman, Stoichkov and Romario, ruling out the Danish in the Champions League. After declaring that he wassick of Cruyff», Michael Laudrup refused to renew with Barcelona accepting a succulent offer from the merengue team: 400 million pesetas per season plus house and car.

Luis Figo

But no reception at the Camp Nou has been more hostile than the one given by the Barcelona fans to Luis Figo. Florentino Pérez used the Portuguese as an electoral trump card to become president of Real Madrid in the year 2000. As soon as he took office, with a checkbook, he took Luis Figo from Barcelona. He paid the 60 million euros that appeared in his termination clause, making the Portuguese the most expensive signing in football history at that time.

Albert Celades

Together with Luis Figo he arrived at Real Madrid in the year 2000 Albert Celades. However, the Catalan did not use the airlift, since a season before he had been transferred by Barcelona to Celta de Vigo.

samuel etoo

Going back to the players who changed Real Madrid for Barcelona, ​​Samuel points out Eto'o. After passing without pain or glory through the leganes and for him Spanishaccumulated merits to return to the white team for five seasons in the Majorca. Without a place at Real Madrid, both the merengue team and the Balearic team agreed to share the 24 million euros that Barcelona paid for him. Samuel Eto'o spent five seasons with the Catalan team and scored 130 goals in 199 games.

Ronaldo Nazário

Numbers similar to those of Samuel Eto'o are the ones he recorded Ronaldo Nazário at Real Madrid. After taking Brazil to the top in the 2002 World Cup, Florentino Pérez decided to bring back to the cause a footballer whose last three seasons in the Inter de Milan they had been marked by two extremely serious injuries. The striker responded to the president's confidence and in four and a half seasons he scored 104 goals in 177 games with Real Madrid. More spectacular were the records of Ronaldo Nazário in his only season at Barcelona, ​​47 goals in 49 games.

Alfonso Perez

With part of the money that came in through Luis Figo, Barcelona signed Alfonso Perez to Betis. The Real Madrid youth squad player, who played 89 games for Real Madrid, would only play 21 in the eternal rival's shirt, for whom he could only score two goals.

Javier Saviola

Just as discreet was the passage of Javier Saviola for Real Madrid. The Argentine, whom Barcelona refused to renew after seven seasons at the club, although one on loan at the Monaco and another to Seville, landed at zero cost in the eternal rival. However, after playing 31 games in two seasons, Javier Saviola left the Merengue team with only 5 goals to his credit.

Ricardo Zamora

Going back in time, one of the most renowned players to have worn the Real Madrid and Barça shirt is Ricardo Zamora. The legendary goalkeeper defended the colors of Barcelona from 1919 to 1921 and, after eight seasons at Espanyol, that of Real Madrid from 1930 to 1936.

Bernd Schuster

In the case of Bernd Schuster, in addition to that of Real Madrid and Barça, he also wore that of Atlético de Madrid. only german and Miquel Soler they can brag about it. In the case of Schuster, in addition, he came to train Real Madrid.

Julen Lopetegui

Another who also trained Real Madrid is Julen Lopetegui. The Basque goalkeeper trained in the subsidiary of the white team, making his debut with the first team. Later, thanks to the good work of him in the logroneswas signed by Barcelona, ​​with which Julen Lopetegui would only play 5 games between 1994 and 1997.

robert prosinecki

The one who was mocked for how little he played for Real Madrid was robert prosinecki. However, after a great campaign in the Real OviedoBarcelona took over his services, although injuries did not allow him to shine in the Barça team either.

Other players who have worn the shirts of Real Madrid and Barça

Gica Hagi, Luis Milla, Nando, Dani García, Amador Lorenzo, Fernando Muñoz García, Hilario Juan Marrero, Lucien Müller, Jesús Pereda, Fernand Goyvaerts, Evaristo Mancedo, José Samitier and Justo Tejada are other players who have worn Real Madrid shirts and Barcelona.