January 20, 2021

"From Lanzarote and with effort we reach Africa and Europe" – The Province

The Indicex Special Prize for Digitalization, which recognizes companies that have used the Indicex tool, which supports queries in aspects such as digital competitiveness, in addition to strategy, user exposure, positioning, security or internet content, went to Aloe Plus Lanzarote SL Directed by Martín Eugenio Pérez.

What does it mean for Aloe Plus Lanzarote to have been awarded in the InnoBankia Canarias 2019 Awards in the category of Special Index to the Digitalization Award?

For all our team, receiving this award is a great incentive to continue working on the improvement of the quality of our products and services.In addition, it represents an additional motivation to reinforce and establish new mechanisms that help increase sales through, for example, the electronic commerce of the which already depends on 15% of the sales of Aloe Plus Lanzarote.

What differentiates the company from other businesses dedicated to the marketing of products made with aloe?

The quality. Every detail concerning the cultivation of Canary aloe vera, and the post-elaboration and distribution of our products is controlled in detail by the large team of people who make up Aloe Plus Lanzarote. Also, we never settle for what we have. We are always working on new The genesis of the company is in the opening of a small store in the town of Puerto de Carmen, which is born for the sale of natural cosmetic products and that ends with great enthusiasm, passion and work in a business structure that today It employs more than 70 workers. Thanks to this today we can say that our products are present in many parts of the world.

And grow from Lanzarote? I imagine it will also have its peculiarity

It is true that initially operating from an island can be a handicap to grow, but in practice the truth is that thanks to the effort and dedication, we have not only managed to consolidate in the Canary Islands but we are in a process of expansion in several countries in Africa and Europe.

What do your brand customers value?

Both the quality of the products and the simplicity of placing orders online and the speed of transport are the most repeated valuations among our customers. For us there are three fundamental points in which we work daily to continue improving and strengthening our clients.

Finally, where do they now direct their growth?

Since 2009, the entity is immersed in a process of internationalization with the development of electronic commerce through our website, as well as the presence through physical stores not only in the Canary Islands but also in countries such as Senegal, Morocco, Italy or Belarus. The closest objective of Aloe Plus Lanzarote is to continue consolidating our brand, both at regional, regional and international levels.


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