From Joaquín Prat on TVE to Juan y Medio on Antena 3: the versions of ‘The fair price’ before that of Carlos Sobera on Telecinco

Images of the various stages of 'The Right Price'.

Images of the various stages of ‘The Right Price’.

‘The right price’ is back. Telecinco will be the chain that welcomes the new stage from the popular American contest (‘The price is right’), which was broadcast in Spain for the first time 33 years ago. Now, Carlos Sobera will be in front of the game show in which several contestants, coming from the audience attending the recording, try to guess, without going overboard, the exact price of different objects and gifts, before going to a great final showcase with great prizes.

Born in the American television of the 50s (where it continues to be broadcast uninterruptedly after 48 years), ‘The right price’ has had versions in most countries of the world, currently remaining in issue with several renewed franchises like the Portuguese or the French, where it has been modernized with the participation of comedians.

Before his return to our country with a new version produced by Fremantle (‘Got Talent’, ‘Mask Singer’), we review the different stages of ‘The fair price’ on TVE, the local television of Madrid Canal 7 TV and Antenna 3, chain that emitted it for the last time in 2006 in the desktop strip.

“Let’s play!”: ‘The fair price’ premieres with Joaquín Prat on TVE

‘The right price’ came to our country in 1988 from the hand of TVE, which turned into a format into a great weekly prime time event that brought the whole family together in front of the television (there were no private ones) from the hand of Joaquín Prat, He was already a renowned television and radio host and became even more popular with the contest. He drove it in his first five seasons.

its great capacity as a communicator and the magnetism of the format were the great keys to its success. The presenter’s close relationship with the contestants stood out, whom he received from the audience with his mythical phrase “Let’s play!” and interrogated with curious questions (“Are you married?”). He came to deliver the highest award in the history of Spanish television at the time.

Joaquín Prat with the hostesses of the first stage of ‘The fair price’ in RTVE. RTVE

The contest was also a great television springboard for faces until then unknown such as Beatriz Rico, Ivonne Reyes, Verónica Mengod, Arancha del Sol and Paloma Marín, among others, who had their first great opportunity as hostesses of the contest.

TVE releases the format and is bought by a local channel in Madrid with Agustín Bravo

Despite becoming one of the favorite contests of the Spanish, TVE resigned to continue producing ‘The Fair Price’ in 1993. Nevertheless, reappeared by surprise in 1996 on Channel 7 TV, the extinct local Madrid chain of producer José Frade, Agustín Bravo, current contestant of ‘Survivors’ 2021, as presenter.

This stage was characterized by its low budget, with windows of lower value than those of its first stage, although it maintained the essence that made it popular. Bravo, after being one of the star faces of Telecinco for years and a brief stint on Antena 3, took over the reins of the format, imposing his personal stamp that made him known. It lasted a year on the air.

I return to TVE in the afternoons with Carlos Lozano as presenter

Perhaps aware of the error that supposed to have released their rights, TVE recovered ‘The fair price’ in 1999 with a daily strip in La 1 that was emitted in the afternoons, strip in which it originally began in the United States. Carlos Lozano became the new presenter, after having passed through Telemadrid and Telecinco, where he hosted another classic, ‘La rouleta de la fortuna (Telecinco).

At this stage, the contest gained momentum and tried to take advantage of the change from the peseta to the euro to increase an audience that was beginning to decline. In 2001, Carlos Lozano left the format to focus on his work at the head of ‘Triumph operation‘and Guillermo Romero, who was the voice-over, took the witness as presenter. They made their debut as hostesses of the program Mónica Hoyos and Pilar Rubio.

Antena 3 buys ‘The fair price’ with Juan y medio for their after-meals

Five years after its evening cycle, ‘The fair price’ was back, again with a chain change. Antena 3 bought the format and became the third station to broadcast it, with a version on the desktop strip, right after ‘News 1’, which never had the expected success.

Presented by Juan y Medio, the contest played again in 2006 with the price of the products in a decoration in rather gaudy colors and a too basic headboard. It was broadcast from studio 10 of the chain’s headquarters in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) and, given its inability to raise its monitoring rate, it was transferred to the morning, where it was finally withdrawn.


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