From Hawkers to visualizing the future of technology with a conscience

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Perhaps the name of David Moreno means nothing to you, but the name of
Hawkers, the startup that he launched in 2013 together with three young people from Alicante
and that, with a tailored advertising and communication strategy on social networks, revolutionized the sunglasses industry. 60 million euros in turnover just three years after its foundation, important rounds of financing or the milestone of having been the first Spanish company to sponsor an NBA team – the Los Angeles Lakers – would have made more than one lose their minds , but Moreno keeps his feet on the ground. "We did very well and might have thought we were 'demigods' on earth, but we also made mistakes and you have to be willing to learn from both success and failure," he says.

After having disassociated himself from the firm, the entrepreneur has started new paths away from the optics sector. "When I left Hawkers I had two children who made me think about the legacy I would leave them and, from then on, I began to question the impact that companies at all levels can have with their stakeholders," he begins by explaining.

This is how Fastlove Studios was born, a laboratory of ideas that has different lines of business united by a common denominator. "It encompasses any type of project linked to the structural problems we face, such as climate change, eco-social justice…", he specifies. One of the verticals is regenerative fashion, another is Metav3rsity, an agency that supports other brands to join the world of the 'blockchain', but the most disruptive is, without a doubt, W3ST, which aspires to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization ( DAO, for its acronym in English), that is, a new kind of organization based on the chain of blocks in which cryptocurrencies are operated and which is formed by groups of people with the same purpose.

positive impact

W3ST is included within the Impact DAOs, which use the collective force created in the digital world to transform real life. "We intend to have a positive impact on the planet and on people," says Moreno. Access to this community is free for any user and is achieved by participating in open dialogue on their social networks, especially on Discord. However, in order to have a vote, it is necessary to acquire one of the company's NFTs (digital assets whose exclusivity is guaranteed by the 'blockchain'). "It's not just a forum. The difference is that we articulate the ideas, organize them and finance them to take action because we believe that the governments have not attended to the needs of the people, ”she says.

Being in an initial phase, they have not yet carried out any action, but Moreno gives an example of what they could do. “In the Amazon there is a plot in which the native vegetation is being destroyed. We buy that territory with crowdfunding, an NFT issue or other models and implement regenerative agriculture to bring it back to life and generate wealth for both the local population and the people who have invested in it," he says, while advancing that there will be other business models that he cannot reveal at the moment. In any case, he emphasizes that what is new is that it goes from a scheme where the board of directors decides what is done to another where everyone votes. "The ideal - he says - is not that a 'token' is equivalent to a vote because that way we would be favoring big capital, but that it be a person, a vote". In addition to obtaining spaces to block degenerative actions and develop regenerative initiatives, W3ST will execute activist proposals and collaborate with related entities through ad hoc and fundraising projects (raising resources to finance the activities of non-profit entities).

Misphits, digital assets that represent the members of the community

The last week of May, the firm will launch its first collection of NFTs, the Misphits, 3,333 pieces of digital art that represent members of the community and that will be sold on the Ethereum 'blockchain'. These assets will generate economic income for the DAO that will be processed through a common treasury managed collaboratively. The innovative initiative of the former Hawkers, by enabling transactions between users, will keep a commission for each operation. And the parent company, FastLove Studios, will also make money from the sale of physical clothes and what the Metav3rsity agency bills. "Everything is shown transparently in the 'white paper', the letter of principles of the project", highlights Moreno, an 'all-terrain' entrepreneur always eager to learn.

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