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Zebenzui Díaz is a 4x4 SUV. Natural of Santa María de Guide, the young physiotherapist has proposed a challenge within the reach of few. He wants to reach the top of the seven highest peaks in the world. "It's a dream, I don't have a date or an objective, but the desire to fulfill it little by little," he says. The climber is crowning this week the seven highest in Spain to train.

The grancanario has booked his vacation to complete the feat of crowning the seven highest mountains in Spain as a training. Thus, last Sunday rose the Mulhacen, La Alcazaba and Pico Veleta, all in Sierra Nevada, in one day. "The important thing is that the weather is good, because otherwise I will not be able to complete this little challenge," says the Guiense.

The three peaks of Sierra Nevada have more than 3,350 meters each. "I climbed them all in less than nine hours," reveals Diaz, who overcame a drop of more than 2,000 meters accumulated. "In total there are 48 kilometers, not so much," he says humbly. But his feat does not end there. Yesterday arrived in the Pyrenees in Huesca, where he plans to climb Monte Perdido (3,355 meters), Pico Aneto (3,404 meters) and El Posets (3,369 meters) before the weekend.

"On Saturday or Sunday I have to be in Tenerife to climb the Teide (3,718 meters)," says Diaz, who hopes that the good weather will allow him to climb the three peaks of the Pyrenees as soon as possible. All this is nothing more than a training that Zebenzui carries out with a view to following his great long-term goal, the seven highest peaks in the world: Mount Elbrus (Russia, 5,895 meters), Kilimanjaro (Kenya, 5,642 m.), Denali (Alaska, 6,910 m.), Puncak Jaya (Indonesia, 4,884 m.), Aconcagua (Argentina, 6,962 m.), Mount Everest (Nepal, 8,848 m.) and Vinson Massif (Antarctica, 4,892 m.).

At the moment he has already crowned two. "In August -2018- I made Mount Elbrus, in Russia, and then in December the Kilimanjaro, in Kenya", he reveals. The climber considers himself an amateur despite having climbed two mountains of more than 5,500 meters each." Nor is it anything from the other world, "he says. This year he planned to do the Denali in Alaska, but delayed it due to problems bureaucratic, and in December he wants to complete Aconcagua, in Argentina.

"I do all this thinking of getting to the best possible in South America," he emphasizes. His passion for mountaineering comes as a child. "I was always a backpacker, unfortunately for my mother, who is always worried," says the grancanario with some humor, who does not stop checking the time to see if he can complete his challenge in the Pyrenees.

Inclement weather

Precisely, when he climbed Mount Elbrús the weather played against him. "It was a very cold experience. With many hours at 30 or 40 below zero," he explains. Zebenzui recognizes that the mind plays a key role in those moments. "You have all the necessary equipment to avoid being cold, but you have to be strong mentally." The Guian reveals that he was thinking about the heat of the Islands at that time. "That helped, even if you don't believe it," he says.

His second climb was much more enjoyable. "The Kilimanjaro was something incredible. I made my birthday day, certainly a day I will never forget," he says. Zebenzui pays for his adventures himself. "It's something that I do on my own, little by little, because going up to Everest is 30,000 euros and the Vinson Massif about 40,000 euros," he reveals.

At the moment, the Guiense is focused on the weather to climb the three peaks of the Pyrenees and complete its particular training challenge. "I like to do these things alone, I organize all the logistics, it's part of the adventure," he argues. When you climb the seven peaks of Spain, you will try to return to Morocco once before leaving for Argentina. "It was where I really got into mountaineering, the Atlas Mountains are an incredible place to practice mountaineering," says Zebenzui, born climber.

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