May 13, 2021

From Finisterre to South Africa – The Province

An image from the documentary series Atlántico.

An image from the documentary series Atlántico.

A very pleasant surprise that the premiere in The 2 of ‘Atlántico’, a documentary series well above average, in which Daniel Landa, starting from Finisterre, will try to reach the ends of South Africa. On whether he succeeds, taking into account that the team was surprised by the pandemic, we will get to know details along the way.

For now, in the first stage, shot in the Iberian Peninsula, we find details that do not go unnoticed by the anthropologist, such as having the sensitivity to capture popular festivities in a way that television cameras had not done in a long time. The route brought us closer and invited us to experience three unique events from within: in Galicia, the Rapa Das Bestas and the Pilgrimage of Santa Marta de Ribarteme, in which the participants carry coffins within which they transport the penitents. Later we traveled to the village of Rocío and saw the jump of the fence and the pilgrimage of the Virgin dressed as Pastora.

In the absence of addressing once and for all a documentary series that would rigorously inventory and with the technical means currently available, the impressive festive playful legacy that the national geography has, It is well that projects that are not planned for this purpose approach it with respect and as an aperitif. For the rest, Atlántico, which in its first installment also stopped in Lisbon, is a beauty that promises more than it gives, which will be worth paying close attention to. Accompanying Daniel Landa from a welcoming Madrid where no one is a stranger to the most remote landscapes in which to achieve the increasingly longed-for serenity.


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