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From 'Falete' to Don Sergio García in 200 matches

De ‘Falete’ a don Sergio García en 200 partidos

Falete It is not Sergio García and Sergio García is not Falete but what It was and so many continue to call him. The relationship between the fans of Spanish and the Catalan forward did not start as love begins at first sight; started broken and little by little the light went on until we reached 200 games with the blue and white team.

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Now it seems that everything was laughter and that the quality of Sergio Garcia appreciated to leagues and first. The one of Bon Pastor arrived at Espanyol in 2010. Two years before he had proclaimed European champion with the Spanish team. But he was being chased by the black legend of having descended with him I raised, Saragossa Y Betis, his past as a youth Barça and the six million euros of his signing.

Complicated beginnings

Appeared in Cornellà-El Prat wearing a slimy tagline, maybe a few extra kilos and the minutes he played did not stimulate the connection. The perica fans did not take two days to find him a sosias and baptized him 'Falete'. In the history of the faltosos motes, that of Sergio García should occupy a special place. At first it was used as a subject of outbursts and has become a choral song RCDE Stadium.

His first season, with Mauricio Pochettino as a coach, it was complicated. The forward was not in good physical condition and the Espanyol attack belonged to Osvaldo. In his second he exceeded by three the number of matches played the previous one; of 21 games played - more than half as substitute - went to 24. And then came his explosion, he became the maximum offensive reference of the whole and took over from Tamudo and Osvaldo, his predecessors.

Outbreak and flight to Qatar

When Javier Aguirre he arrived at the Spanish bench in the middle of the 12/13 season, Sergio García was everything. It was tip, second tip and ten. He lowered them, put them on and finished them off. In the retina of many fans of Espanyol will be, to give an example, the draw against three Valencia, one of the best matches of the Cornellà era. That day 'Falete', with the bracelet on his left arm, in addition to participating in the two previous goals, he scored the last of the game in '93, bursting the net with almost no angle, almost falling.

But everything beautiful has an end and its shows you face short steps and I dribble, now I put your ass, I turn around and you have not seen me, centers, goals, arrivals from behind, vanished in a hasty manner by a Qatari offer. When a footballer chooses the eastern path, it is usually synonymous with early retirement. Sergio Garcia's did not make sense because of that. Not yet, with just turned 32 years old. The fans did not quite understand that the flagship of the squad, after their best goal scorer in First (14 goals), will go to Al-Rayyan.

Back home

So little sense had that two years later -that is, last year- Sergio García returned to the one that with work, caste and class became his home. The forward made great economic efforts to adapt his record to the club's budget. With Quique Sánchez Flores Y David Gallego disputed 33 parties, although only 14 of them starting from titular.

With Ruby (who on more than one occasion has acknowledged the quality of Sergio Garcia since long before directing him at Espanyol) has shown that he still has football to give. This season he started as an unquestionable starter and in a state of tremendous form, like the rest of the squad. Two muscular injuries have slowed down their pace and their prominence has been lowered, coinciding also with the downturn of the whole team.

Three matches of automatic renewal

Right now he has played 22 games, 5 of them starting as a substitute. In his contract it is stipulated that if he reaches 25 he will renew for one more season automatically, which, in the absence of eight days, it is possible. Throughout the season he has insisted on his desire to renew and retire as a parrot player. At the moment, last Tuesday against the Getafe became the twenty-first footballer in the history of Espanyol in reaching 200 games, in which he has scored 45 goals. De 'Falete' has long since become Don Sergio García. Or what is the same: from a nickname to a myth.

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