from Casado's praises to Echenique's sarcasm

"He could have explicitly condemned the corrupt activities of Juan Carlos I and his tax evasion. But no. Nothing at all," Pablo Echenique, spokesman for the United We Can parliamentary group, reacted with these words. to the king's Christmas speech. The speech of Felipe VI has been received with the usual enthusiasm and uncriticism on the part of the right, while the disappointment spreads among the ranks of the left.

Felipe VI avoids in his speech any reference to the emeritus king and asks "a great collective effort" against the pandemic

Felipe VI avoids in his speech any reference to the emeritus king and calls for "a great collective effort" against the pandemic

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The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has described the speech as "impeccable." For Casado, the intervention of the monarch, in which he has eluded any reference to the emeritus in the year in which he fled to the Arab Emirates, "shows closeness to the Spaniards who are going through the worst of the pandemic and the crisis." "Defend national unity, constitutional harmony and the exemplarity of the institutions. Together we will overcome this situation with a great King at the helm," said the popular in a message on Twitter.

The most concise has been the leader of the ultra-right formation Vox. Santiago Abascal has limited himself to reproducing a phrase from the speech followed by "Long live the king."

For her part, the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has supported the king's words in his speech on Christmas Eve. "We will be able to move forward by relying on the great pillars that make up our civil society, the Constitution, the EU and our ethical values," he said.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, praised Felipe VI's speech this Christmas Eve: "Today the King renews faith in this great Nation," he tweeted.

"We have the Constitution, which represents our way of understanding life, which we must all respect; a historical success: the reunion between Spaniards, to look together towards the future." "The King with everyone and everyone with the King," Ayuso concluded.

The spokesperson for Más Madrid in Congress, Íñigo Errejón, has referred to the words of Felipe VI after he has made an abstract defense "of the moral and ethical principles that are binding on everyone and are above any personal consideration. or family ", said the king." Felipe VI should not speak of ethical principles if he is not willing to be held accountable for the scandals of his father in a hereditary institution. There have been no words and no explanations, "Errejón wrote


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