June 20, 2021

From Carnival to Miss Universe

Habitual on the catwalks of the Carnival queens’ galas in both Tenerife and Gran Canaria and also with more than one bet for fashion, Santi Castro is the author of the typical or fantasy costume that Andrea Martínez wore at dawn yesterday, the young woman from León who represents Spain in the Miss Universe election. To date, the Tenerife-born creator had already participated with the costumes of two Spanish míster who were competing for the highest award and this time he made his debut in the women’s section.

The winner of four queens and eight children updates ‘Las Meninas’ with his Carnival technique


A total of seventy-two women from different parts of the international geography participate in the beauty contest that is taking place these days in Hollywood. Following the format of the contest, yesterday morning -Canarian time- the Spanish representative paraded with the typical or fantasy costume that Santi Castro designed, while on the evening from Sunday to Monday Miss Universe will be chosen. Among the 72 young people, who have already carried out the personal interview and wore the most creative fantasy of their wardrobe, it will be announced tomorrow night at the 21 chosen for the final, which will be held that same night and at ten best, among which the winner will be designated.

Santi Castro was commissioned to make the typical or fantasy costume from the organizer of Miss Universe in Spain, some work that began immediately ended with the creation with which he participated in the Guardian Gala, in the last virtual edition of the Carnival of Santa Cross.

To facilitate the elaboration of the costume, Andrea Martínez moved to Tenerife and held two work sessions with Santi Castro; the first, for taking measurements of the fantasy, and the second, to carry out the tests; and everything, in the same week.

In recent years, the concept of typical costume has evolved within the beauty contest, which leaves behind the cut of the most traditional clothing of each country to incorporate a more cultural accent or on the traditions of the country that the candidate represents. Taking advantage of the fact that an exhibition on “Las Meninas” by Diego Velázquez was held in Madrid months ago, the chicharrero artist proposed to the organizer of Miss Universe in Spain a creation that would embody and recreate one of the pictorial works for which the country is recognized on an international level. To do this, it has resorted to materials “such as glass, with trimmings, with fabrics, with lace, with tulle, to create volume and subtlety” in the finish.

The Tenerife designer, who has the endorsement of four adult queens and eight children in his Carnival career, explains that his bet is inspired by the shapes of the character in Velázquez’s work, updating it with light elements and structures thanks to his trajectory and knowledge in meatballs.

Santi Castro also highlights the evolution in the format of the Miss Universe pageant, which goes beyond limiting itself to assessing the beauty of each participant, so it is categorical that due to her personal and professional training, the Spanish representative, Andrea Martínez «is a charm and makes one dream that she is among the favorites ”, to remember that she competes with 72 other young women from all over the world, also physically spectacular. But the success of Andrea from Leon, the added value, is that both in how she parades and, in particular, because of her training. «You can talk to him about any topic; She has been living in Italy, working in the Armani sales department, she can speak three languages ​​perfectly -Italian, English and Spanish-, she has also been a basketball player and is very committed to the NGO world.

The Carnival designers are again this year of congratulations in the Miss Universe pageant: together with Santi Castro, author of the fantasy or typical costume, Marcos Marrero and María Díaz (M&M), one of the Tenerife fashion firms the admired internationally, they have once again made the evening dress that Andrea Martínez will wear if she is a finalist at tomorrow’s gala in Hollywood.

María Díaz recalls that this is the third time that they have assumed the commission of the national organization of Miss Universe to design and make the gala dress; On the two previous occasions, the M&M firm can boast of having achieved the title of first lady both in 2000, with Helen Lindes, and in 2013, with Patricia Yurena Rodríguez.

Andrea is a wonderful girl and she has a golden peak; She is highly trained and very committed to NGOs ”, highlights María Díaz, who recalls that the young woman has just released an APP in which she has been working for two years to combat bullying, based on her experience in the classrooms. “He has a spectacular physique and also wears a spectacular fantasy costume by Santi Castro in such a special year in which Las Meninas have monopolized the cultural promotion of Spain.” María Díaz does not ignore the numerous competition that exists this year and gives an example: all Latinas speak English perfectly. But its creator is not intimidated by tomorrow’s evening and trusts that “Andrea is a career girl, very committed to NGOs and has worked in the Armani sales team in Italy”, in addition to having been a player of Basketball, as Castro recalled.

In statements published by the magazine Hola, the Spanish representative in Miss Universe acknowledges that she dreams of bringing back the sought-after title to Spain for the second time; the first was worn by Amparo Muñoz in 1973. In a promotional video, Andrea acknowledges that the fantasy costume that Las Meninas recreates and that she wore last night “is a very different, very current and innovative vision of what is another part of Spain. At the international level, I believe that we are no longer a flamenco dress, but that we can contribute many other visions and other fields, such as our art and the works of renowned painters that Spain has given and that we proudly exhibit in our museums and are visited. by millions of people a year ”; an original, modern, elegant and dazzling menina with which Spain aspires to score high in the Miss Universe.


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