From "Be water, my friend" to other phrases to reflect on water


From "Be water, my friend" to other phrases to reflect on water

The mythical Bruce Lee, a martial arts legend, used to say that we were like water ("Be water, my friend"), because water can flow and can also hit, water is characterized by having no shape, it simply adapts to that of its container.

It is amazing that water, the simple union of two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms, is such an extraordinary compound, behaves in so many different ways and plays such a crucial role in our lives. We are made of water, it surrounds us, we depend on it but, nevertheless, we sometimes forget that it is a limited and threatened resource.

1. "Water is the driving force of all nature." Definition of Leonardo Da Vinci and unquestionable truth. The Renaissance visionary, admirer of nature, made it clear in his statement that water is the support of life on Earth.

2. "Water, air and cleaning are the main products of my pharmacy." The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte knew that water was a source of health. Unfortunately, childhood diarrhea - associated with water shortages, inadequate sanitation and polluted water - kills 1.5 million children a year. (WHO / UNICEF 2019)

3. "We forget that the cycle of water and the cycle of life are the same" said the most famous oceanographer of all time, Jacques Cousteau. A worrying reality because, as he himself stated: "water and land, the two essential fluids on which life depends, have become global garbage cans." According to Greenpeace, about 200 kilos of plastic are thrown into the sea per second and by 2050 the oceans will have more plastic than fish.

4. The former US president, Bill Clinton, ("We know that when we protect our oceans, we protect our future") and Pope Francis ("The most elementary rights Humans are at risk when the health of the oceans is not respected ”).

5. "The most dangerous drink is water, it kills you if you don't drink it." The writer, cartoonist and humorist El Perich knew that humor is often the best way to communicate serious things.


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