Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Friends under the tent

He randfranero Spanish popular has countless maxims that underline the value of the friendship. "A good friend, good coat." Or "hobbies and paths do friends" Or "strong friendship reaches beyond death." But among all of them the one who calls the most Attention, and of course the one who comes to mind on this occasion, is that of “who has a friend has a treasure" Especially if that personal affection is shared in the “Grand chapiteau” of a circus of the category of Cirque du Soleil while enjoying your show "Kooza". A word that comes from the Sanskrit term that means treasure, trunk or box. In fact, the idea force of the function is that of “a circus (a treasure) in a box ”.

Cardholders American express that have become ambassadors by recommending it to their relatives they could enjoy the "Premiere" of this new assembly that can be seen in Madrid, specifically in the Angel Gate Stage, in the Country House, until the next 5 of January. Headquartered in Quebec, This Canadian company, founded in 1984 by a group of 20 street artists, has now become a great multinational which employs more than 5,000 people from different nationalities.

The clowns and the acrobats they are the protagonists of this function that is represented under the white tent, identity sign of Cirque du Soleil. Designed by him "clown" American David Shiner, "Kooza" dates back to the origins of circus that so many disciplines merge, while highlighting the physical effort made by the artists on the track. The result, a show very careful, full of color, in which clowns play a role relevant.

Before the company's components began to show off their elegant and historically dressed and made their own on the wire, on the wheel of death or making somersaults, the CEO of American Express Spain, Juan Orti Ochoa from Ocáriz, welcomed this program event "Between friends". He also recalled that the US financial institution, with almost 170 years of history, “has managed to adapt to each time and be in the Vanguard operational and technological ”. But this constant updating has not meant, at all, the loss of values as always "such as the trust, service or security. ”

This Program it is an initiative launched by American Express Spain, within the framework of which they are promoted events exclusive where the feeling of belonging to this community thanks to experiences unique and unique aimed at those headlines that have become ambassadors of the card thanks to recommend it to any of your friends. The last one that had been held took place in the Palace from Cibeles, a “showcooking” conducted by Joseph Charles Sourceschef of The Allard Club, restaurant that has two stars Michelin, and a tasting of the products plus select of the world. In addition, you could enjoy a experience only one that included tasting of wines exclusive and of beers artisans tasting caviar Organic, Iberian ham and Andalusian cheeses, among other products.

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