Friendly: Argentina-Brazil, a classic to bore America | sports

Friendly: Argentina-Brazil, a classic to bore America | sports

Argentina beat a set piece, to the exit of a corner kick, in the penultimate play, after knotting for a long hour to Brazil. Shaved in attack, the Albiceleste took great pains in defense of their goal until the defenders fainted in a corner thrown by Neymar and nodded by Miranda. Nothing else happened in the classic 100 of the Americas. They just played soccer Brazil and Argentina. There was also no news from Dybala and only at times did Neymar appear, who celebrated the victory as if it were his, aware that the match was resolved in the last section, when he insisted on defeating the Albiceleste.

Argentina, 0; Brazil, 1

Argentina: Rosemary; Saravia, Otamendi, Pezzella, Tagliafico (Acuña, m.82); Paredes, Battaglia, Lo Celso (Salvio, m.73); Dybala (Lautaro Martínez, 59), Icardi (Simeone, m.88) and Ángel Correa (Pereyra, m.67).

Brazil: Alisson; Danilo (Fabinho, m.54), Marquinhos, Miranda, Filipe Luis; Casemiro, Arthur, Coutinho; Neymar, Gabriel Jesus (Richarlison, 64) and Firmino.

Goals: 1-0. M. 93. Miranda.

Referee: Felix Brych (Germany). He admonished Paredes, Correa, Lo Celso, Neymar, Saravia, Miranda and Battaglia.

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Argentina seems determined to structure a team interesting enough to provoke the return of Messi. The 10 would be the end point and not the origin of the Albiceleste. So nobody asks Scaloni for anything at the moment. The plan is a kind of casting that includes novices like Saravia, an interesting side from Racing, or a striker already contrasted in Inter and on the contrary unprecedented to some extent in the selection as Icardi. The unknown remains Dybala, also insubstantial when Messi is not there.

Brazil advances instead on the opposite side of Argentina. Tite tries to organize a team for Neymar to mark the differences, a circumstance that forces him to repair his teammates in front and midfielders line, led by Barca Arthur, very present against Argentina. The shock always turned around Neymar, sometimes well reduced by Saravia and sometimes, destabilizing, as in the final play of 1-0.

Football did not flow in Brazil and Argentina defended strongly. The Albiceleste no longer grants as many chances as before but it is a more organized team, penalized only by the turnovers of their points, tightened by Brazil. Leaning on the wings, Dyabala had little impact on the game, except for strategy actions, excellent on a shot that grazed the left corner of Alisson. They did not risk the teams in a painful game, with few chances and without risk, with only two shocks before reaching the break: a shot from Miranda that Otamendi took and a direct foul by Coutinho.

Brazil lacked dribbling, excitement in their soccer, easily reduced by a rival very applied in the control of space and time, harmless against in attack, still needing flyers capable of changing the pace and unbalanced forwards, with hardly any connections with Icardi and Dybala, substituted at the time of match with Lautaro Martínez.

The changes stoked the fight, and there was more pace, more fouls, more cards, more arrivals and finally Miranda's goal, which blurred the good work of meritorious as Pezzella, Paredes or Saravia and comforted Neymar. The striker imposed his determination in a game matched, physical, slow and dominated by interruptions and tactical fouls, symptom of the balance that presided over the duel: 37 wins by beard and 25 draws until the balance was decided for the moment in favor of Brazil when the teams scored 0-0. And then Neymar appeared in a corner, the defense albiceleste stood looking and scored Miranda head.

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