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Fresc Festival 2019: The 28 shows

Estos son los 28 espectáculos del Fresc Festival 2019

A total of 28 shows will integrate programming of the Fresc Festival Sabadell 2019, to be held between June 26 and July 22 at the Jardí de l'Espai Cultura Fundació 1859. Sixteen concerts, eight theatrical performances (three of relatives) and, as a novelty of this third edition, four calls centered on the word, that is, sessions of poetry, dramatized readings or stories.

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Another of the novelties of this year is the creation of three modes of fertilizers to attend more than one session with a discount on the total price of the locations. "It was a demand from the public because there are spectators who come to more than one and two sessions and they asked us repeatedly," explains Joan Carlos Sunyer, director of Fundació 1859 Caixa Sabadell.

The third edition will also incorporate a new start time for the evening shows, which will be 30 minutes ahead of the traditional schedule and start at nine thirty. In the case of afternoon sessions, they will begin at seven.

The Night of the Musical of Sabadell

The Fresc Festival 2019 will open, again, with The Night of the Musicals of Sabadell. This year, under the direction of Albert González, this gala will honor the Teatre Sant Vicenç de la Creu Alta, which has just celebrated its 100th anniversary and has made musicals one of the indispensable ingredients of its programming. The festival will be held once again in the two stages of the Jardí de l'Espai Cultura Fundació 1859: the Amphitheater and the Espai OFFresc, created last year to host small-scale and café-theater shows.

This year the Fresc Festival will premiere a show created especially for the occasion on the occasion of the Year of the Colla of Sabadell. Is about Facing the paret, a compilation of texts by Francesc Trabal interpreted by Jordi Vilà, Albert Ribalta and Xavier Bertran and with music by the sabadellense Joan Alavedra, who has scheduled the July 18.

Gerard Quintana will pass through Sabadell on June 27th To present Untouchable, a show with songs censored or forbidden but not forgotten. A day later, music from Sabadell Pol Cruells will be at the Amphitheater to officially present his fourth studio album to the city, entitled fanzine, and that will be published next April 23. The rest of the musicians of the festival are the Il·lús Teatre Orchestra, Cesk Freixas, Dani Nel·lo, Arnau Tordera, l'Orquestra d'Acordions de Sabadell, the Cobla Mediterrània, the saxophonist Eva Fernández, L'ultimaim indi d'Edu Costa, Eduard Iniesta and María Hinojosa, Jordi Molina, Ovella Xao i, per cloure the festival, Mishima.

Theater, family shows and performances focused on the word

As for the theater, in addition to La Noche del Musicales, the Fresc will be the framework in which the actor Pau Roca will present in Sabadell They are exceptional, after its premiere on the Barcelona billboard this season. Another familiar face of the scene, Oriol Grau, will go through the Amphitheater with Al Sostre, a British comedy starring two artisans who paint the Sistine Chapel.

After its premiere at the end of this month, the latest production of the Sabadell-based company Sabadell Morena, A normal family, you can also see the Fresc, as well as Maragall home, the monologue about the life of Joan Maragall that the actor from Sabadell Jep Barceló He has been playing for eight seasons in Barcelona and will exceptionally leave the Maragall House Museum to present himself in Sabadell.

The new line of programming focused on the word will start the July 2nd with the show Nova York written by the actress Àngels Bassas and the saxophonist Pep Poblet. In this area you can also see One hundred thousand stornies, a poetic recital starring Manuel Rivas and a new session of tales from Japan titled The fluttering flower by Yoshi Hioki, one of the greatest hits of last year. Close this section the show Facing the paret, tribute to the Colla de Sabadell.

And the family audience, the Fresc Festival reserves a clown session with Red, the first solo work of the actress Mireia Miracle, and two concerts: Jamaikids, with Jamaican music, and The Pinker Tones, which will present Rolf & Flor a l'Amazones, the fourth volume of the collection of books-electronic music disc for the whole family.

The programming is completed with Clap Hands, a concert promoted by the NGO Artistes Diversos that will gather in the Fresc three formations the members of those with different capacities: Clams, Mercè Losada and the Sabadells Cracks d'Andi.

Third edition

The Fresc Festival will pay tribute to the Colla de Sabadell

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