French singer Charles Aznavour dies at 94

The French singer Charles Aznavour died at 94 years of age, local media reported today.

Throughout his more than seven decades of artistic career, Charles Aznavour has composed around 1,400 songs, with which he has sold over 100 million albums. In them, he talked about everything he felt and saw around him without a word: "I've always been free and I've written committed and sometimes controversial lyrics. I have sung about homosexuals, about the genocide in Armenia (the cause with which the artist is committed), and even about the female armpits! "He laughs. «My wife told me that I could not talk about that part of the body of the woman, which was not pretty, but why not?», She said last year of 2017, in her last visit to Spain, where she performed in Madrid in January and, during the summer, at the Starlite festival in Marbella.

"It has never occurred to me to retire in all this time," said the singer last year. The stage is my life and the public my family, I have always felt very close to my followers, although they have not ripped my shirt off in the middle of a concert or anything like that ». For Aznavour it was important "to keep the notion that we artists are not superior to our audience, we are simply their reflection. I have never behaved like a superstar, with bodyguards and security everywhere, I like to be close to people, "he said then.

In the end, he has died at the foot of the canyon.


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