French hoteliers announce cancellations from 20% to 50% due to disturbances

French hoteliers announce cancellations from 20% to 50% due to disturbances

The French hotel industry notes the damage of the serious disturbances recorded this Saturday and report cancellations of between 20% and 30% in restaurants and up to 50% in hotels, according to Efe, one of the leaders of the national hotel trade union ( Synhorcat), Vincent Sitz.

"We have asked all of our hotel and restaurant members for reports on the consequences of the dramatic events that occurred yesterday, restaurant reservations last night and this Sunday have been canceled in 20% and 30% of cases," Sitz explained.

In the case of hotels, waiting to confirm the figures, the union has already received alerts of cancellations for the Christmas period of between 15% and 50%, as well as guests who have left their hotels before finishing their holidays. stay, as a result of the mobilizations.

"It is very sad because we were recovering now from the period of attacks in 2015," he deplored, insisting that if tourists cancel their reservations for Christmas and New Year the result for hotels can be "dramatic."

The president of the union, with representation at national level and who has received confirmations in this regard from other major cities such as Marseille, Bordeaux or Lyon, was received this morning in the Elysee by the president, Emmanuel Macron, along with a delegation that reported of the concerns of the sector.

"I do not know what answer the Government is going to give but I think they have realized the extent of the damage and that they must apply urgent measures," Sitz said.

The protests of the so-called "yellow vests", against rising fuel taxes and the rising cost of living, were settled yesterday with 287 arrests, a hundred injured and one killed in an accident during a blockade on a southern highway of France.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner also noted the presence of violent groups with up to 3,000 rioters at the Paris rally, although there were also serious riots in other parts of the country, such as Le-Puy-en-Velay, where protesters turned on fire to the police prefecture.


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