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French choreographer Rachid Ouramdane He has been in charge of the dance-circus company Cie XY to test his "principle of accumulation" with a cast of 19 artists that will offer Friday at the Teatro Central in Seville Möbius. The piece, which is premiere in Spain and can also be seen on Saturday, plays with chaos to show how far the acrobats intuition in collective movements. Ouramdane, a regular on the stage of the Central, speaks of "poetry of the gesture" in this montage of aerial dance in which the performers are always pieces of a whole.

The French company Cie XY, based in Lille, has invited Rachid Ouramdane to choreograph and direct his fifth show, a creator with whom they work for the first time and have many points in common. "We want to make amazing transformations, play with the effects of levitation or slow motion that refer us to fantastic moments of nature," says the Cie XY collective, fascinated by the principle of accumulation of the choreographer. Ouramdane is based on the murmurs, the communication form of starlings, which equates to the intuition of acrobats to adjust their bodies.

"I had already worked with large groups of dancers and also children, but never before had the opportunity to move to the aerial dimension. The assemblies that I have done for ballet companies stayed on the ground," explained Ouramdane This afternoon in Seville. "In this assembly the most important thing is to convey the feeling of fragility of all bodies, because if someone is not in the right place at the right time an accident occurs. So Möbius It has a political dimension: you see how the community is always there, how they help each other, "says the choreographer.

A moment of the show 'Möbius', by Rachid Ouramdane, in full nature.

A moment of the show 'Möbius', by Rachid Ouramdane, in full nature.

"We contacted Rachid Ouramdane for this production because we wanted to leave the shows with a succession of numbers, we wanted to make a choreographic continuum and our style is very close to his approaches," says Belar San acrobat of the Cie XY. "The feeling of availability of one to the other that the public experiences when they leave the theater is very gratifying," adds the choreographer.

In addition to the premiere in Spain of Möbius, Rachid Ouramdane and his colleague Yoann Bourgeois, co-directors of National Choreographic Center of GrenobleThey have taught a four-day workshop that ends this Wednesday and attended by 14 dancers from different Spanish cities at the Central Theater, organized by the Ministry of Culture.

Yoann Bourgeois, recognized acrobat and circus artist, also premiered in Spain last week at the Central Theater the assembly Celuis qui tombe, a proposal that aims to contradict the principles of gravity and in which artists struggle to stay in a square platform that turns, changes speed and leans unexpectedly. The play, a synthesis of dance, theater and circus that was presented at the Lyon Dance Biennale 2014, can be seen in the Theaters of the Canal de Madrid on March 6 and 7.


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