Freeze public transport rates for 120 days in Buenos Aires

The Argentine government froze Thursday the tariffs of public transport in Buenos Aires and its surrounding area for 120 days, during which the Alberto Fernández Executive will review the prices of these services at the national level.

To the extent, which becomes effective in Buenos Aires and its dense metropolitan area after an agreement between state, local and provincial administrations, the Government invites the rest of the provinces to promote the same freezing, since it is they who have the power of doing so in each of the territories.

"It is a measure that the president asked us and that has to do with the revision of the subsidy policy because it is necessary to make it more efficient, transparent and give greater equity in the distribution of funds by the State," said Transport Minister Mario Meoni, at a press conference.


Nearly 15 million people, according to the Government, will be reached by freezing prices on city bus tickets, trains and the Subway (subway) of Buenos Aires.

The government measure comes shortly after Fernández made the decision to stop a rise in the price of fuels, in the context of the economic crisis that has dragged the country since April 2018.

"The measure taken by the president regarding the non-increase in fuel during this period has an important impact on the companies that transport people, so that their costs will not have a greater impact," said Meoni, explaining the provision.

Meoni stressed that it is an "essential measure" and that it is not "120 capricious days" but has to do with the revision of the "comprehensive subsidies" policy.

"By not having increases (of fuels) it is important that there is an effort by companies in this regard," said Meoni, who nevertheless considered that there will be increases in another aspect: salaries.

"Obviously we believe that there will be salary increases and that these increases will also occur depending on how inflation evolves," he said.


The head of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, accompanied Meoni during the press conference, and gave details on the negotiation that the Government carries out to grant an increase to the workers of private and public companies.

"It would not be a bonus, what is being thought of is to generate fixed sum increases in the sectors, in the private sector and in the public sector, and that it will account for (over) future increases," said Cafiero.

In a country in economic crisis that last November registered 52.1% of year-on-year inflation, with salary increases that are generally below that figure, Cafiero said the goal is to "recompose the wages of Argentines."


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