Freestyle rapper Gazir takes on favorite Chuty at FMS Spain

The Asturian Gazir part as the main candidate to refute the Chuty and Skone's favorite status on their return to the Freestyle Master Series (FMS) Spain, which will start its fifth season tomorrow, Saturday at the Magdalena de Avilés Pavilion, Asturias.

After a season away from FMS Spain, Chuty and Skone's return to the most important improvised rap league in the Spanish-speaking world multiplies the expectation for this fifth edition.

The return of the two competitors, living legends of the discipline, is the main novelty of a season that incorporates slight modifications in the format of the battles, in addition to the expansion and renewal of the roster of improvisers, from 10 to 12, which portend an even race for the championship.

Last year, in an atypical season in which the public could not be a participant in the battles, Bnet and Gazir dueled to the last of their rhymes in search of the champion's ring., which finally ended up falling into the power of Madrid.

With the withdrawal of Bnet, and the subsequent coronation of Gazir at FMS International before the best roosters in the leagues from around the world, the young Asturian emerges as the only one capable of opposing Chuty and his undeniable mastery of a competition that he has won in the three editions in which he has participated (2017, 2018 and 2019).

While Chuty, recent international champion of BDM Deluxe and Supremacy, will debut in an unprecedented duel against Tirpa, runner-up of FMS International, Skone, runner-up of the International Final of Red bull Battle Held a few days ago in Chile, he will face the recently promoted Elekipo.

Gazir, for his part, will revive the vibrant duel that he starred against Mister Ego at the Red Bull Battle National Final last October, in which the league's quintessential antagonist managed to force the young champion into an agonizing aftershock.

In addition to the invitation from Chuty and Skone, Sara Socas and Hander completed the roster of promotions for the new course.

The Canary Islands will be the first competitor in the history of the FMS around the world, after having done it unofficially in an exhibition last year, since he finished in the first position of the "ranking" for promotion.

In its debut, Socas will face Zasko Master in a duel never seen before, which has aroused enormous interest in fans due to the contrast of its characters.

For its part, Hander, the last to achieve his place in the league after winning the Qualifying Tournament, they will face Sweet Pain on his return to FMS three years after descending.

Lastly, Blon and Mnak will start the new course with a revalidation of their recent showdown at Red Bull on stage at the WiZink Center, which the Ciudad Real can understand as an expected revenge. In addition, the man from Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčtogether with Zasko Master, will become the only improviser present in each and every one of the FMS editions held in Spain.

Bekaesh will continue at the controls of the show and DJ Verse will do the same in charge of the instrumentals, although this time they will be accompanied by Sarita and by Ozetak respectively. Estrimo, Noult, Soen, Babi and the mythical Pieces, as the latest addition, will form the jury.


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