July 29, 2021

Freedom with charges for the three detainees after the pitched battle between ultras of Hercules and Castellón | sports

Freedom with charges for the three detainees after the pitched battle between ultras of Hercules and Castellón | sports

Judge Maria Luisa Carrascosa has decreed the provisional release of the three young men who were arrested last Sunday after the pitched battle between ultra fans of the Hercules CF and the CD Castellón, according to legal sources. The detainees, a fan of the Alicante club and two others of the Castellón team between 27 and 36 years, will be investigated for crimes of tumultuaria and injury.

The first of them has denied his participation in the fight and has indicated that he only passed through the area when he was attacked. Although he has admitted that he is a subscriber of herculana entity and he attends the matches that the blue and white club play at home. "He was found by the unconscious police on the ground and an ambulance had to take him," his lawyer explained. The suspect, who presents several stitches for the wounds received, did not want to make statements to the press.

For its part, the two arrested CD Castellón, have left the Palace of Justice in Alicante hooded, after refusing to give evidence to the magistrate and try to get around the journalists. Both they and the other detainee have been recognized throughout the morning by forensic specialists.

Meanwhile, the police are still investigating whether the two sides were previously on social networks to fight and if behind this confrontation there are ideological reasons. Apparently, the vandals were attached to ultra groups of opposite signs: the Barricade Albinegra, by the Castellón, far left, and Curva Sur, linked to the extreme right.

The altercation, which involved about 60 people between 20 and 40 years, was unleashed around three o'clock on Sunday afternoon, before the game, in the vicinity of the Rico Pérez stadium, and ended with three detainees and seven injured, of which three had to be hospitalized.

A couple of the Local Police of Alicante who was in the area attending a traffic accident made up to 16 shots to dissolve the peat. "They came to us and we had to withdraw because we feared for our integrity," said one of those agents, Alejandro Ribeiro, during a press conference on Monday. "It was noticeable that they had been left by social networks and exhibited a very notorious violence. You were kicking your head on the ground. "

The ultras were armed with wooden poles, flares, dental protectors and dressed in a similar way: with balaclavas, hoods and dark colored clothes, especially the fans from Castellón.

"It is not usual for dozens of people from both hobbies to be armed with sticks three hours before a football match that had not been disputed for ten years and that had not been declared high risk because there was no record in that regard," notes the councilman of Security, José Ramón González. The mayor is convinced that those involved had used "social networks to meet" because they were "prepared for the fight".

The judicial investigation could lead to more accusations in the coming weeks, as the National Police and the Local Police came to identify another 55 people involved, 30 of them fond of the Castellón and 25 of the Hercules. Regardless of criminal charges, the National Anti-violence Commission could end up imposing fines of up to 3,000 euros and the prohibition of access to sports venues.

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