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It is not a joke: Gocleer is an insurance brokerage that returns money to its customers when they do not move or drive their car. As simple as that. Y This can mean a discount of up to 30% on vehicle insurance each month (1% per day). A whole business strategy according to the times. It’s about paying for what the consumer uses. With the pandemic and intermittent lockdowns, “mobility in urban areas has dropped by 30% and the frequency of travel has also fallen. And this is not going to change. If you are at home teleworking, private cars are not used to get to work or for many other journeys, therefore the insurance that has been paid for a year does not have the same risk as before, “he explains Antonio Morales, CEO of Gocleer and one of its founders along with Danae Vara and Ángel Casarrubios.

Hence, Gocleer offered users of more modern, ecological or traditional cars with little use a rewards system (in the form of discounts of up to 30% of the annual value of the insurance), with the aim of rewarding sustainable mobility and the lowest environmental impact. “Through an app that the user downloads to his mobile, we detect whether there is movement of the car and whether the customer uses it,” Morales explains.

And is that Gocleer, which has just launched its platform on the Internet, is a digital insurance brokerage that also develops technology “to offer smart policies,” says Morales, because mobility is changing and new services are needed. «CEvery time we are more users who access digital services and apps for tasks such as booking and paying for parking, tolls, shared vehicles, fuel or the electric charge of the car. That is why at Gocleer we want to offer personalized insurance just when it is needed, in the right place, time and channel ”, explains Danae Vara.

With its software, artificial intelligence, telematics, digital product design and data analytics, this startup offers an instant online quote on its website that in less than four minutes allows the user to select personalized insurance and pay for the service monthly, in a simple way and easy. And at the click of a button. Through the platform it proposes various types of coverage and assistance not only for cars, but also for bicycles and electric scooters Through insurers such as Reale, Axa, Arag, Das and Asegrupo, among others.

“We want to promote sustainability and that cars are not used, but alternative means such as bicycles, electric scooters or public transport. The idea is that in the short term we can offer coverage for all this type of transport, because at the end of the day you want a comprehensive insurance for all your mobility. The objective is to create a marketplace to contract not only car insurance, but also other types of mobility, ”says Morales.

Gocleer that began to rise in the middle of the pandemic has had the help of Antai Venture Builder, an incubator for other startups such as Globo or Wallapop.

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