Free IPTV Player – Play M3U Playlists Online

Free IPTV Player

Most expats choose to use a VPN, expensive IPTV boxes or pay for apps and software to watch TV abroad. Now there is a browser based system that’s free!

If you live abroad the chances are you have some sort of TV system installed in your home. Most IPTV providers install a Mag box system which is costly and not as reliable as it should be. Infomir is the company behind the Mag box and it is used as the most popular IPTV player. However, as more IPTV providers switch over to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) it is giving Mag box users a headache.

Some of the problems you may have with your IPTV provider and a Mag box is “File Missing”, “Connection Error” and “Cannot Connect To Server”. You may also recently find that channels that once ran smoothly are now buffering and pausing every couple of minutes. The latest Mag 322 is prone to many problems as it has half the RAM of the older Mag 256 model, however, many IPTV providers stock up on the latest model and pass it on to their customers as an upgrade, when in fact it is really a downgrade.

Don’t worry though, there is a solution to the problem and it is free! A brand new online service has just launched offering a browser based IPTV player for free. It has a user friendly layout, channels are listed on the left in a scroll menu and the player takes up the rest of the screen. Options include, full screen, stop and volume control, basically everything you need to enjoy watching TV.

We tested the system using an IPTV M3U playlist test line from a random provider against a Mag 322 and the difference in quality was quite amazing. Whilst zapping from channel to channel on the Mag 322 took around 4 seconds, the online player was around half that time, some zapping was almost instant. The picture quality between the two was also extremely noticeable. On some SD channels, you could notice pixelating on the Mag 322 that wasn’t noticeable on the online player. Both the Mag 322 and the online player (running in Chrome browser on a standard 4GB Acer Swift Windows laptop) were connected to 32ins Samsung M4500 TVs via HD cable.

Free IPTV Player is brand new and we found it through a Tweet on Twitter and decided to investigate. It was a great decision to take that day! At the time of writing this, the website does not contain any advertising. We contacted to ask if this was legit and will it be destroyed by advertising eventually. The reply was “At the moment we are looking at a way to monetize the system as every business does. We would like to continue offering the player for free, but to be able to maintain the system, we do need to generate some revenue. We also understand that user friendliness is the most important factor and people don’t like popups and obstructive advertising in and around their TV channels. We will be adding a pre roll ad system that will display a video as a channel loads, the user can skip this after 5 seconds.”

So it looks like Free IPTV Player will be something you should take a look at if you are struggling with your current TV setup. Our advice would be to connect your laptop or tablet direct to the TV using a HDMI cable and buy a USB remote control to enjoy working the system as a normal TV system.

Visit to try out their free IPTV player now.