April 20, 2021

free clitoris reconstruction for victims

free clitoris reconstruction for victims

On the occasion of the International Day of Zero Tolerance against Female Genital Mutilation, which is celebrated today, the Dexeus Woman Foundation has released the latest data of the Post-ablation Genital Reconstruction Program, an initiative that has offered, since 2007, the free reconstruction of the clitoris to immigrant women victims of ablation who reside in Spain. Since its launch, this intervention has been carried out on 97 women, a measure that, in addition to helping, has contributed to giving visibility to this problem.

The intervention lasts about 45 minutes and consists in anatomically restoring the clitoris and other affected organs, as well as recovering as much as possible their appearance and sensitive capacity, something that gets in more than 75% of cases, according to assure from the mentioned foundation. In addition, a psychological accompaniment of the victim is carried out "before and after the intervention", as Dr. Pere Barri Soldevila assures. The first doctor who carried out this intervention in Spain states that "many of them are very young, the average age is 27 years"

Of the 97 women, 64 reside in Catalonia. By countries, 25% were born in our country, 22% are from Senegal, 11% from Mali and 10% from The Gambia. The rest come from a wide range of countries such as Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Egypt, etc.

In Spain there are about 70,000 women from countries where female genital mutilation is practiced, according to the map of this illegal practice in our country prepared by the Wassu-UAB Foundation. Of these, 25% are under 14 years old, and almost a third of those registered in our country reside in Catuña, followed by Madrid, Andalucía and Comunidad Valenciana.

According to WHO data, it is estimated that currently there are more than 200 million women and girls in the world who have undergone ablation in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, which is where this violation of human rights is concentrated. A mutilation that, in addition to producing vaginal and sexual problems, can generate serious hemorrhages, urinary problems, psychological disorders, etc. And, in the long term, it can also cause fertility problems, complications during delivery and even the death of the baby.


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