Free and topless churrasco, the controversial claim of a hostess club – La Provincia

A well-known hostess club in Meis occupies these days the eye of controversy. The venue announces, through radio shows and its social networks, the inauguration of a new space "chill out" with a party with "free steak" Y "topless waitresses". This particular claim has stirred up the controversy between the neighbors of the regions of Pontevedra and Arousa, who remember the judicial history of the Montparnasse Club. Last year, his administrator Carlos V.S. He was arrested for sexual exploitation and trafficking in human beings.

An inspection at the club on July 9, 2018 led to the location of three women, between 18 and 24 years old and of Venezuelan origin, who recognized before the agents who were forced to practice prostitution. The investigations revealed that the victims traveled to Pontevedra for an alleged job as waitresses in a hotel offered by the club owner. Once at the premises the manager informed them that their job would be to offer their services. They were coerced under threats to themselves and their families. The businessman informed them that they had contracted a debt of 3,000 euros each. At the time of their release, after three months of work, women still owed between 1,400 and 2,400 euros, as recorded in a notebook found in the club. This place had already been reported for tobacco smuggling and drug possession.

Despite the controversy and its dark history, located on the A Goulla line – halfway to Vilagarcía and Pontevedra – the club is still active and announcing its party for tomorrow, Friday, August 2.


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