Franquis agrees with the islands which roads go to the next agreement

File image of the councilors Sebastián Franquis (i) and Julio Pérez in the regional Parliament. / EFE

Public Works has 15 projects underway that absorb 80% of the total funding and the goal is to reach between 22 and 24 works

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After confirming that more than half of the actions contemplated in the
road agreement signed between the Canary Islands and the State in 2018 cannot be executed by
lack of fundingthe next step is to establish the works that will remain in this agreement.

According to him
Minister of Public Works, Transport and Housing, Sebastián Franquisin total there will be no more than “22 or 24 works”, which means that at least 45 roads that were declared priority by the councils must leave the plan and be postponed for the next negotiation.

In this sense, the counselor points out that from now on he will agree with the islands on the works that are going to be financed with the 2018-2027 agreement and decide on the
projects to be commissioned for the next agreement, in such a way that the objective is "to have the library of the Ministry full of projects so that when there are resources they can be put out to tender immediately". This, he reiterates, has been an obstacle in this mandate, since when he assumed this department, there were no drafted projects.


At the beginning of the legislature, Franquis already made a round with all the islands to establish the
prioritieswhich at this time have already been launched, both the tenders and the commissioning of projects.

The idea, he says, is that once the addendum is signed with the
debt payment of 407 million on the part of the State -which will be added to the 1,200 million initial financing of the agreement signed with Madrid- to refine the priorities with the councils and incorporate "six, eight or ten more works" that are added to the 16 that are already in March.

At this time, the Ministry has
committed 931 million of the 1,200, which means 80% of the total amount. What is planned now is the remaining 20% ​​plus the 407 million that are incorporated into the agreement, that is, that in reality around 600 million remain pending.

Once the addendum is signed, which will take place in the month of July according to Public Works forecasts, "the plan will be analyzed again with the councils to see if there is a change of criteria regarding the works initially contemplated." Franquis states that this
agreement will be closed after the summer.


In any case, the counselor insists that it is not just about the pre-eminence established by the different island corporations, but also that the
actions "that have the best chance of succeeding, that is, those that have fewer problems of expropriation, those that have less difficulty when preparing projects or those that have to be executed yes or yes because they are really necessary from the point of view of connectivity in the islands ».

Sebastián Franquis reiterates that they must first
finalize the projects "To know how much money we are talking about, because there are many works included in the current agreement that do not have a project behind them and, therefore, it is not known how much it may cost."

It adds that the previous highway agreement, whose financing amounted to 1,600 million, included an annex with 37 works, of which 23 were executed. In the current agreement, 16 actions are underway "and
we want to reach a package of approximately 24» if possible with allocated resources.

Negotiate with councils

In this new programming, Obras Públicas does not anticipate problems arising with the councils because the established criteria are being met and
«because we all knew that it was impossible to do all the works included in the annex with the 1,200 million signed” by the previous government.

For this reason, he indicates, the intention is to agree with the councils on the works that will be financed with the funds of this agreement, "review if the priorities are maintained and establish which projects are commissioned", but which would be for a
next agreement with Madrid.

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