August 3, 2020

Frank Cuesta mocks Greta Thunberg in a video and receives numerous reviews

The video was titled “The five weirdest bugs I've ever touched” and came out dressed up as the young Swedish

Frank Cuesta has returned to the focus of the controversy after a new video uploaded to his YouTube channel in which he mocks the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

The presenter dressed up as Thunberg putting on a wig with braids and a dress made with a green coat, as well as including it in the video of “The five weirdest bugs I've ever touched” and calling it “Gretus Amargatus”. Cuesta defined it as "an animal that you can find in any event on climate change, in any international gathering, in any place where a lot of pasta moves and the family can get what they can." In addition, he says that he has a very peculiar “song” while repeating the phrase “How you dare?” (How dare you?), Which are the words that the environmental activist pronounced before the UN last September and that were made viral.

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After the diffusion of the video, the presenter received many criticisms in social networks. "The most disgusting thing I've seen in a while"; "You are a bad speaker" or "fruit of marketing, incomprehensible" were some of the "zascas" that Cuesta received for this video.

Other videos to explain the "mockery"

After criticism, Frank Cuesta uploaded another video to his channel to make it clear why he included Greta Thunberg in his video of the weirdest bugs he had ever touched. "There I leave it, hypocrites … me too!" He said through his Twitter account.

"It seems horrible to me that a hysterical girl comes to tell us that we have screwed her childhood," Cuesta criticized in her video. “I don't care if I have Asperger, as if he doesn't have any disease… but, have any of you who have insulted me gone to the beach or to the mountains to be cleaned, continued to recycle or worried about this girl? You are going to be complicit in his fall, because you are cheering a sixteen-year-old girl. "

The presenter was blunt during the video with his opinion and defending that he had no intention of offending anyone at any time. “It has nothing to do with her being a girl, a girl or sixteen years old. They have put it there and their parents are using it as companies and you are following the game. ”

Before, he had published a video with the title "Frank … you are a miserable !!!!" in which he also defended his idea of ​​the video. "" A sixteen-year-old girl, shouldn't she be in school? ", he asked his viewers: "I don't see anyone who denounces protect these people (with Asperger's syndrome) or who denounces what is being done with her, which is to expose her to the public."

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