February 25, 2021

Francisco Rodrguez dies, referring to the Local Police of Gldar – La Provincia

Francisco Rodrguez dies, referring to the Local Police of Gldar - La Provincia

This morning he died at 89 years of age, Francisco Rodríguez Díaz, better known as 'Panchito', a reference of the Local Police of Gáldar, where he served as head of this police force at certain times of his professional career.

Francisco Rodríguez was "a man much loved and remembered by his colleagues who always stood out for his closeness and for his popular wisdom," his friends say. The mayor of Gáldar, Teodoro Sosa, just knew the sad news that "A man who symbolizes the dear and beloved image that we have of the municipal guards has left ", a man very attached to his land, humble and good person. This is what he recalled in the past days on the occasion of Police Day where, due to his delicate state of health, he wanted to dedicate an emotional memory to him.

The mayor wanted to express on behalf of the Municipal Corporation, Your deepest condolences to your family, to his widow María del Pino Viera Sosa and her five children, María de las Nieves, María del Rosario, Pino Delia, Carlos Javier and Francisco Rodríguez Viera, the latter municipal worker and in charge of Roads and Works personnel.

'Panchito' was also the brother of the Adoptive Son of Gáldar, awarded posthumously, the doctor and former councilor, Ignacio Rodríguez, and like him, he was closely linked to the agricultural sector and the banana plantation in Gáldar.

He was born in Gáldar on October 1, 1929. Yesterday he was precisely 89 years old. The Chief Inspector of the Local Police of Gáldar, José Quesada, together with the agents who had the opportunity to work with him, they remembered him today in an affectionate and endearing way and alluded to the good humor he always displayed in his work, very close, with those insightful phrases that he always started with the word "comrade.."

His ardent chapel has been installed in the Municipal Funeral of San Isidro and his funeral will take place this Wednesday, October 3 at 12:00. D.E.P.


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