Francisco Laína, president of the provisional Government, dies on 23-F

Francisco Laína, who during the coup of February 23, 1981 was provisional president of the Government kidnapped in the Congress of Deputies, as well as one of the main promoters of the National Police School, has died this past Friday, according to informed the Ávila City Council.

Laína (La Carrera, Ávila, 1936) was the director of State Security during 23-F, with the rank of secretary of state, and for fourteen hours he acted as head of the permanent commission of secretaries of state and undersecretaries, that is, a government that assumed the functions of the Executive at that time.

In addition to highlighting this work, the city council of the capital of Avila has also underlined the fact that, together with the president, Adolfo Suárez, Francisco Laína was at the time one of the people who decided to install one of the training centers in Ávila most important police in Europe.


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