October 20, 2020

Francisco Javier Guerrero, main defendant in the ERE case, dies

The former General Director of Labor of the Andalusian Government Francisco Javier Guerrero, the main defendant in the case of the fraudulent EREs, died this Sunday morning at his home in the Andalusian capital, according to his lawyer, Rafael Ramírez, informed Efe.

The principal convicted by the ERE appeals to the Supreme "manifest errors" in Alaya's instruction

The main convicted by the ERE appeals to the Supreme Court for “manifest errors” in Alaya’s instruction

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Apparently, Guerrero began to feel ill around 6:00 a.m. and, pending the completion of the autopsy, the cause of death could have been a heart attack.

The lawyer has assured that Guerrero “was fine” and that in recent months he had a “lively” attitude because “it seemed that things were going to start to turn out better.”


Warrior was convicted in November 2019 by the First Section of the Seville Court to seven years, eleven months and one day in jail and 19 years, six months and one day of disqualification for a continuous crime of prevarication in media bankruptcy with a continuous crime of embezzlement, by the specific procedure Through which the regional subsidies with which the fraudulent EREs and direct and supposedly arbitrary aid to companies were financed were channeled.

In June of this year, Guerrero formalized his appeal for cassation to the Supreme Court (TS) alleging four reasons, starting with an “infringement of criminal precepts, as well as other norms that should necessarily be observed in order to pass judgment”, since the sentence The challenged does not take into account “applicable legislation” in the case, such as the 1994 ministerial order that regulates the granting of aid prior to ordinary retirement in the Social Security system, to workers affected by company restructuring processes; or the state decree of 2013 on special rules for granting extraordinary aid to workers affected by company restructuring processes, among other invoked regulations.


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