June 15, 2021

Francisco González temporarily leaves his positions at BBVA

Francisco González temporarily leaves his positions at BBVA


Former BBVA president Francisco González has decided to temporarily abandon the positions in the Foundation and in the bank while the ongoing investigations into the 'Villarejo case' are being concluded and to prevent his person from being used to damage the entity. "

In a letter sent to the president of the bank, Carlos Torres, to which Europa Press has had access, González is convinced that his decision "will help us to understand with what rigor, lack of personal interest and commitment we have worked for so long".

González, who asks his successor to transfer the letter to the board of directors with all his "affection and gratitude", points out that since a year ago "we have suffered a long and continuous media aggression arising from police and judicial investigations, about a case of great journalistic repercussion around a former police commissar and his work at the head of a research company hired at the time by the bank. "

González's letter to Carlos Torres is known one day before the general meeting of shareholders of the bank, which takes place in Bilbao.


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