Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

Francisco González collected more than 5 million in his last year at the head of BBVA

Francisco González cobró más de 5 millones en su último año al frente del BBVA

The former president of BBVA, Francisco
González, earned more than 5.1 million euros in his last year at the head of the entity. An amount 11% lower than in 2017, according to information sent by the entity to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) on Wednesday. On the other hand, the profits of the ex-CEO of the bank and substitute of González in the position of president, Charles
Vila, amounted to 4.5 million euros in 2018 (8% less).

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Only in cash, González received more than 4 million euros. Their fixed salary remained around 2.5 million, but the variable remuneration was set at around 2.6 million euros (20% less). In the case of Torres Vila, the fixed salary also remained at 1.96 million, while the variable remuneration fell by 15% to 2.4 million euros.

New stage

The current CEO, Onur Genç, won more than 3 million euros

The amount that the former president of BBVA has received in 2018 has to be added to the pension of almost 80 million euros hoarded until 2010. That is, Gonzalez does not receive contributions to his pension plan since that year, when he turned 65 and retired the accumulated funds, which amounted to 79.77 million euros.

In the case of the new president, his pension plan gained up to 18.6 million euros during the past year.

As for the new CEO, the Turkish Onur Genç, earned more than 3 million euros, broken into a fixed salary of 2.2 million and a variable remuneration of almost one million more as responsible for the BBVA affiliate in the United States.

Fifteen members

The board of directors obtained a salary of more than 15 million euros

The fifteen members of the board of directors of the entity obtained a joint salary of 15.66 million euros in 2018, somewhat lower than the 16.5 million obtained the previous year.

As regards pensions, the bank has almost 100 million euros in recognition, since the amount accumulated by former directors of BBVA exceeds 79 million. An amount to which we must add about 20 million of the current executives: the aforementioned Carlos Torres Vila and José Manuel González-Páramo. The bank also allocated 25.3 million to give back to senior management.

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