March 8, 2021

Francisco de la Torre, a liberal and reformist technician whose ideas ceased to matter in Citizens

Francisco de la Torre announced this Thursday his abandonment of the dome of Citizens, thus sharpening the crisis in the formation of Albert Rivera. De la Torre, inspector of the estate on leave, has been defined as liberal and reformist in the sense of "bedridden" (by Joaquin Costa). In 2015, he left the Tax Agency to join Citizens, at a time when the party was fully talented. When he made the leap to politics De la Torre was not a stranger, he had already been secretary general and spokesman for the Association of State Treasury Inspectors (IHE) between 2008 and 2012 and had written articles and stands on tax issues in the media Communication. In 2014 he published ‘Finance are we all?’ (Debate).

Both in his stands and interviews and in this book, De la Torre defended ideas that would later clash with the fiscal doctrine of his own party. Thus, the spokesman of Budgets of the orange formation advocated a reform of the inheritance and estate taxes so that they fulfilled their ends and basically taxed the highest income but in no case its elimination.

Like most economists and economists, he also did not consider "a serious criticism" but an "ideological stance" that spoke of a supposed double taxation in the collection of the tax paid for inherited property (Successions) or the fact of treasure wealth when it rises above a certain amount (equity). "The tax system is full of doubles, including triple taxation," he claimed in 2011, using as an example the fuels that pay special taxes and then VAT levies 18% on the cost of the product when it is acquired, including the special tax.

These statements are in open contradiction with the "double taxation" version of what Albert Rivera calls "death tax."

De la Torre was also very active as an inspector of finance in practice in denouncing the tax privileges of collective investment companies (SICAV), "It seems legitimate to me that the owner of a company does what he wants with it; but in that case, you should pay normal taxes and not a privileged rate of 1%, "he explained in a gallery on

Outside the Cs program

Citizens introduced in their 2016 electoral program that they should increase controls to prevent such investment vehicles from being spuriously used by a few investors (supposedly there must be a hundred, but in most cases they are "straw men" or "mariachis") to avoid paying full corporate tax. A lawsuit that disappeared in the 2018 electoral program.

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