May 10, 2021

Francisco Correa says he is sorry and affirms that he wants to “continue collaborating” with Justice

The head of the Gürtel, Francisco Correa, sentenced to 51 years in prison for the illicit activity of the first years of the plot, he has sent a letter from the Valdemoro prison to the Penitentiary Surveillance judge in which he asks for “forgiveness” for the crimes committed and shows his repentance. “At a certain point in my life I had access to ways to earn money illicitly and easily, when I had to abstain from such practices,” he asserts.

The National Court orders the repatriation of more than 50 million euros of the leaders of the Gürtel and Bárcenas in Switzerland

The National Court orders the repatriation of more than 50 million euros of the leaders of the Gürtel and Bárcenas in Switzerland

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In the letter, advanced by The world and to which has had access, he also claims to have authorized the repatriation of the money he had hidden in Switzerland. Although he does not cite the amount, he alludes to the 24 million euros that, according to the National Court, are “blocked” in the account of the company Golden Chain Properties, SA, which was integrated into its corporate network and which would be managed by the administrator Arturo Fasana account. Correa, who has been serving a sentence for eight years, acknowledges that his conduct “has no justification” even in a context of generalized corruption – in which he excused himself in the past – since “many others in that situation abstained from committing crimes.” .

The head of the Gürtel does not make any confession that could shed light on the different procedures derived from the plot that have not yet been tried, but he does insist that he wants to “continue collaborating” with the Justice. In this sense, he assures that he has been “collaborating” with the Justice in different processes and gives an example of the latest “repentance writings” presented before the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office in the piece on the Boadilla del Monte City Council (Madrid).

He also informs the judge that he has just requested his “inclusion in the new rehabilitation program for economic delinquency” – which, for example, Iñaki Urdangarin is receiving – and insists that he wants to be “fully” involved in his rehabilitation through prison treatment for reintegrate into society in the future “fully and honestly”.

It is not the first that Correa offers to collaborate with Justice. On October 13, 2016, in his interrogation at the Gürtel trial, he reiterated this provision and confessed that business donations to the PP were in exchange for awards. That revelation, together with that of one of those donors, businessman Alfonso García Pozuelo, allowed the National Court to reopen on March 1, 2017 the so-called bribery route, which investigates the correlation between the black money injected into the PP and specific awards . Except for García Pozuelo, all the businessmen who are the object of the investigations have denied the payments and have rejected the existence of a general system of corruption of the construction companies with the party.

The then instructor, José de la Mata, again cited Correa as investigated after he repeated over and over again in the trial his willingness to collaborate with the Justice. But the leader of the Gürtel, who had thrown the stone in the trial, hid his hand before De la Mata on the grounds that he had already declared “fifteen hours” at the aforementioned hearing. That is to say, refused to pull the blanket, which buried the hope of the accusations of knowing the secrets of the irregular financing of the PP that are still being investigated in the National Court.


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